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FC Dallas vs Los Angeles FC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from Sunday’s draw.

FC Dallas picked up a 1-1 draw against MLS’s top team in Los Angeles FC on Sunday evening.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on the game…This is a good step. We’ll take the point and it’s an important point and we have another opportunity in Vancouver next week to keep fighting for three points.

On carrying momentum from the 2nd half of Thursday’s match vs. LAFC to tonight’s game…I thought the second half over there we played a positive way. We created more. We didn’t get some end product on the goal in terms of shots. That’s something we need to keep growing in our conviction around the box and our killer instinct around the box. (We’re) missing a few pieces whether due to injury or, you know, it is what it is. Ryan was out there, started the season as a left back and gets the first goal creatively, so we want to believe that any player can create and be dangerous offensively. But I thought we built on the positive performance of the second half in LAFC, and that helped us with momentum to know that we can play. We can play and get points against this team home or away.

On the positive takeaways from the game…It’s a positive. It’s a heck of a team. The individuals, the concepts, the staff, there’s a lot of support and that’s a positive point for us, though we’re always going to fight for three points whether it’s LAFC or NTSC playing they’re game yesterday coming back 2-0 and getting to 2-2. We want to score the next goal. We want to win the next moment. We want to win the next point so let’s go, let’s move to the next opportunity and fight for what we can. I thought we showed that spirit today.

FC Dallas forward Jesus Ferreira

On the mindset of the team after playing the same team three days prior…There is justice in soccer after knowing we lost the first match against a good team on their turf, we knew were going to play them again three days later. We had to prepare well mentally and physically to give everything we had on our home turf.

On earning one point at home…We were able to get a point. It’s very important because that moves us a step forward. We came from a losing streak and the draw helps us move forward and continue looking ahead for the next match to try to win.

On what the team can take from this match for the next match…We have to look at the pros and cons of the game. We hope that [Luchi Gonzalez] shows us video of what we did well on and what we did wrong so we can train for the next game.

FC Dallas midfielder Jacori Hayes

On playing a man down…They’re a great offense with Vela and their attacking options and we were able to keep them out of the goal for the most part until the PK, so you just have to survive.

On Carlos Vela…He’s quality, he’s a good player. But I have my job to do too, I’m on the field for a reason as well for a reason. You can bow down to him or anything you just have to do your job.

FC Dallas defender Bryan Reynolds

Thoughts on tonight’s match...They scored, it was unfortunate, and then I got to come in. When I first started walking out, I couldn’t feel my legs, it was just an unreal moment. I’ve been working for that moment. It’s unfortunate that we tied, but I’m proud of the boys that we saved it with a man down against a good team.

What did Luchi say to you before coming in…He told me to be right next to Bryan Acosta right at center-mid. I’ve never played that position. He told me to just work, work hard, and you’ll be fine. And I thought I did that. My goal was to do what I had to do and not let them score.

On his positional change…In the academy, I was scoring goals, I was a lot bigger than everyone, and I was fast. Last year with Oscar [Pareja], I couldn’t really, my body wasn’t developed to be like a number nine like they wanted me to be. So Peter [Luccin] told Oscar that maybe they should look at right back, and that’s how it transitioned. I’ll go anywhere.

On his debut…It was an unreal moment, been working hard for that since I was 15, first signing. I’ve been working hard for these two-and-a-half years, hadn’t gotten my chance in, I finally got my chance in today and I think I did what I needed to do.

On his positional versatility…I think it’s good to be versatile. I mean, you don’t just want to be good at one position.

FC Dallas midfielder Ryan Hollingshead

On the red card and team’s feeling…Yeah, I think it’s early to get a red card, the 50th minute. It’s a long, long game, 40 minutes of holding onto the lead. We didn’t want to sit back too much, though, we wanted to keep attacking with as much as we could, and so it was a bummer. Still, their goal was off of the luckiest handball. So, we played really well. The ball doesn’t bounce your way, sometimes they get lucky, and Ramirez mishit that shot like I’ve never seen before, and it turns out to be a PK. I mean, what are the odds? We played really well, that’s how they’re going to tie the game, I mean, what do you do about that? So lucky. You feel good about performance, but we want that win. Even 10 men, I feel like the guys felt confident we could get the win, so it’s a little bit of a bummer.

On the response from the team…Yeah, I think that the team just wanted to respond. There’s definitely something to playing the same opponent four days later and getting a chance to redeem yourself, but I think more than that we’re hungry, we want to win, and we believe in what we’re doing here, we believe in our style of play. And so everybody’s bought in, and it’s just a matter of time until things start clicking. So, you can’t look at that game and say that effort wasn’t there. You got to look at that and say, some really tough calls that didn’t go our way, and a little bit of luck in the end for them to get the tie. So we feel good, we played well.

On the mentality change after the red card…Yeah, you have to be, because you have to cover so much space, everybody’s got to pick up a little bit more of a job, so you have to be ready and step in and pick up that extra man’s job. More than that, I think we’re hungry for the win, we saw that there was 40 minutes left, and if we put the effort in, that’s going to be hard for them to score on us, and it was, they couldn’t get through us. They just got the handball. So, we feel like we put in a good shift, and all you can ask at that point is just.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez

On playing a man down…It was tough being a man down, it’s always tough. But I think we overcame the situation and got the draw. They were excited for this match and we were eager to face this team again but now I think we have to focus on Vancouver which is the next game.