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Quick Burns: One thing you are looking forward to in the 2019 Texas Derby

There hasn’t been a ton of excitement in recent Derby matches but maybe 2019 will be different.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Derby is finally upon us here as FC Dallas is getting set to travel south to Houston this weekend to battle the Dynamo.

While previous editions of the Derby have been kind of lackluster, our staff has gotten together today to discuss what they hope to see in the 2019 edition. Feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comment section on what you’d like to see this year in the Texas Derby.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Two Good Texas Teams

Hard-fought matches have always been a staple of derbies. However, hard-fought and _meaningful_ matches have been far and few between in the Texas Derby. It's always fun to watch these two rival teams go at it, but I believe it adds to the entertainment and dramatic element when both teams come in playing well. It should be a fun Saturday.

Jason Poon - Homegrown Glory

There’s just something spicier about goals when they’re scored by a homegrown. There hasn’t been much of that recently... I think the last one was by Kellyn Acosta in the Texas Derby going back to 2016? So now that there are more options, one thing I’m looking forward to is seeing whether Paxton or Jesus can get on the score sheet to rub it in.

Drew Epperley - Potential for new

Let’s face it, like Jason said, there hasn’t been a ton of excitement in this series these last couple of years. Lots of draws, so-so play from both squads that have left a lot to be desired on the field. With Luchi Gonzalez in charge, that could change this year as he’s faced some form of the Dynamo dozens of times over the years on the academy scene. He knows the professional side is different but if he can inject some excitement back into this series, I will be all for it. Basically, we just need some goals and drama.

Nathan Hill - A Technical/Tactical Rivalry

I wouldn’t mind - and I know this could be heretical to some - to see some of the intensity dialed back a bit. No red cards. No confrontations. Just a good old-fashioned intense game of soccer with tactical adjustments, skillful play, and sweet goals. Maybe the intensity translates into the kind of soccer match that you definitely want to go back and re-watch a couple of times, where we see two bright coaches and some young players showcase their skills and vision for the game.

Jack Rouse - Social Media Banter

FCD’s media team has been on their game so far this season. I’m excited to see if they can keep up the run of form. The Texas Derby should be their biggest challenge yet this season. Who could forget last season’s classic?

Jeff Loftin - Competitiveness

With both teams seemingly looking good for the season, this will be a great example of what this rivalry could be. Bringing in Austin to be the third point on the triangle will only help, but certainly this year I am most looking forward to the rivalry being between two playoff-contending teams.

Jose Carmona - A return to form

FC Dallas dominated possession early in the season, but if you take a look at recent results, FCD has been dominated in possession. This turnaround in time of possession, has really lead to the team playing more on their side of the pitch, and looking less threatening. I’d like to see FC Dallas come out and take it to Houston from the get go, and I don’t just mean winning the possession battle either.