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FC Dallas vs LAFC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the stats and quotes from Thursday’s loss.

MLS: FC Dallas at Los Angeles FC Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas lost their third straight game on Thursday night, losing 2-0 at Los Angeles Football Club.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts on tonight’s match…I love this team. I love this group. I love the players that didn’t come and have this experience. We’re thinking of them. I love the players that left on the U-20 camp, we’re missing three players. I thought we fought today. I thought we fought. It hurts to lose. I don’t look at is as a streak because when we also won a few games, it’s not a streak, it’s one game at a time. We’re taking it one game at a time. We’re focused on the next game. Can we build in the next game from what we did tonight? Can we not just create moments around the box but have some concrete finishes and be a little more lethal in their box and dangerous? Defensively, a lot of sacrifice of the eleven players on the field today, to get pressure on the ball and some positive, high-pressure moments. We shared the same amount of passes as them and that shows that we’re trying to play and have the ball. That’s a heck of a team, LAFC. Bob [Bradley]’s training, and with that staff, you can see they’re training well and they’re playing well. They have great talent. It was an honor to coach against Bob and that staff. They’re gonna move on and push for the next opportunity on Sunday.

On what he saw from Zdeněk Ondrášek...Cobra [Zdeněk Ondrášek] had a start end of the game last game and had a positive week and he earned the opportunity [to start this week]. He worked really hard and he sacrificed being in a defensive position. When we wanted, we wanted him to be in a reference around the box in between the center backs and give us some hold of play, which he did, and he worked hard. He left it all on the field. We got some fresh legs in there to finish the job, but have to be really happy with his mentality.

On lineup and formation change…I wanted to clog up the central spaces in our last line and have one of the three center backs always ready to break their line, put pressure on the midfield. We wanted to also have some ability to absorb and then break and counter into open spaces. And I felt we had the potential to do that well the first half. But as the game went on, and the pieces that we had coming into the game, we felt it was best to end the game in a 4-3-3 and get a little more pressure up the field. It almost resulted in us getting the tie. We had three opportunities in 3-v-2 or 4-v-3 in the transition, that we didn’t end up scoring, but that was the idea. To create those unbalances and to expose them. But again credit to them. They’re a fantastic team. They could’ve put away maybe a few more and that’s the reality of this game because they created a lot, and they have some special players and they’re great together. Looking forward to the next one. I know we’re back at home and that’s gonna be a great opportunity for us to respond.

Advantages of playing them three days later…[There’s] advantages and disadvantages to both. It’s just the circumstance and it’s great. It’s fantastic. We get to see them again. We just lost. So we have an opportunity to play them. It’s almost like the second half is on Sunday. We’re going to rest, focus, move forward and get together and fight in the next one.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Acosta

On the rhythm of the team so far…We have been able to adapt little-by-little to the rhythm of the league, the games, and to the rhythm of what the club wants. Unfortunately the results have not been what we have wanted but we still have the mindset, my teammates and the coaches, that if we can’t get this match now, we have the rematch this weekend.

On his performance levels this season…Maybe from the level that I want and from what people want out there, I feel that I can give more than what I am giving. This match was an opportunity, but it’s already happened, so now there’s the match on Sunday. I’m going to show every weekend and every game the Bryan that people want to see and the Bryan that I want to see. We are almost there, but we’re going match-by-match and step-by-step.

FC Dallas forward Zdeněk Ondrášek

On getting his first start for FC Dallas...I’m happy that I started but I’m not happy with the result. I didn’t shoot at the goal, I didn’t finish, we didn’t create any chances so I’m not happy with that. But next game is in three days against the same team, so we have to be ready and do much better in the offensive part.

On what the team needs to improve on for Sunday...We need to do what we did in the second half and it can be better. The defense was pretty good today, offensively we still need more work there and we have three days to prepare for it.