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Hot Takes: We can criticize Mosquera, but we will feel his absence

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FCD will certainly feel the sting of these injuries.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Fortress Frisco had a pretty bad crack on Saturday. A club that is known for having an outstanding home record to a 9th place New York Red Bulls. A Red Bulls team with no Bradley Wright Phillips, Luis Robles, Daniel Royer, or Aaron Long. While Dallas dominated possession like they typically do, the inexperience showed while this young team was outclassed by a New York B team.

Our lack of depth will be an issue..and it’s just beginning

With Paxton Pomykal out on international duty and Michael Barrios suspended due to yellow card accumulation, Luchi had to shuffle up his lineup some. Instead of opting for someone like Aranguiz or Cobra to fill in for Barrios, he opted for Mr. Versatile Ryan Hollingshead, causing John Nelson to fill in at left back (keep an eye out for him, he’ll develop into a fine player). This left the void of arguably the heartbeat of this team, Paxton Pomykal. Luchi opted for Pablo Aranguiz, while folks on social media will argue whether he had a good game, I felt he left much to be desired. It is becoming more clear with each appearance that he does not fit into #LuchiBall.

Now, lets add in the fact that we lost both Dominque Badji and Santiago Mosquera out for the immediate future. Hopefully Santi will recover well, the photo in the hospital with the knee brace leaves several questions. I have had my own criticisms about Santi, that he wasn’t producing enough for a DP, you know, the standard rhetoric. But right now we do not have the depth to have players out for extended periods of time. I felt like he had one of his better games up until his injury, I loved his curler that just barely missed the upper 90, we need players to be taking those chances. As for attackers, we could be forced to only have Jesus Ferreira, Pablo Aranguiz, Barrios and Zdenek Ondrasek as our only recognized attackers come Thursday and Sunday in our LAFC double. In our current setup, that is literally four players for four positions.

We are beginning to slide

This lack of depth is coming at an inopportune time, unfortunately Pomykal, Brandon Servania and Edwin Cerillo will be out for the foreseeable future as they will be representing the US Men’s team in the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Don’t look now, but we only have one out of nine possible points since our win vs. Atlanta United. We are about to get into a tough run of games with two games against the aforementioned LAFC and a match versus the Seattle Sounders in the next 18 days. This run up until the Gold Cup break will show us several things, but I am going to go ahead and predict two of them

  1. This kids will show tenacity in the face of adversity.
  2. This will also be a telling time where we will struggle to get results and we will see some names go out the door once the secondary transfer window opens up.

It’s a good thing that we have young legs, they can last a little longer than the rest.

Bright side..Jesus Ferreira looks like a vet!

I was blown away by Ferreira’s goal. You can score a header from a cross no big deal, but you don’t see many teenagers scoring this kind of goal.

The cross from Jacori Hayes heading towards the back post, Jesus has to turn his body away from the goal to where he is facing the sideline. The 18 year old goes full leap, and redirects the ball into the near corner straight into the ground. I have been blown away by this kid all season, and his upside is tremendous. Gregg Berhalter, sign him up, he is so close to becoming eligible.

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Edit: In the original piece I wrote that Kaku was out, when in fact he started the game.