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FC Dallas vs New York Red Bulls: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

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All the details from Saturday’s loss.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas stumbled in their first home loss of 2019, losing 3-1 to the New York Red Bulls.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts of today’s match…Tough because we had a great week of training. The boys are trying to play, we’re trying to play. Their intentions were everything we had trained in terms of with ball and our ideas. We got caught on the dribble a few times and we have to play quicker and combine a little more out. Once we break the first and second line, we need to hurt them on the last line. We slowed it down sometimes when we could have pushed it to next gear and got in behind them in goal. red bulls are a fighting team. They were efficient in the way they played and transitioned. I know they were missing some key guys but credit to them but that’s a fighting philosophy and I respect it.

I have some thoughts already for next week’s training. It’s not an easy week of training because we have LAFC [on the road] and LAFC [at home]. But over the season we are going to create a competitive environment where we can have them learn how to improve their dueling and play our football.

Their two goals in the second half were immediately after we didn’t put away our chance and that’s soccer. If we don’t punish, we can get punished. So it’s football, but we are going to stand up and work. We have work to do. That’s what life is about and what this moment is about. That’s what is going to make us better because this is a process.

Thoughts on the team creating chances…We need to keep working to not just create the moment around the box that can lead to a goal, but to put it away. To have a killer instinct in conviction that it needs to end up on target or we need to crash and get the second chance. We need to create more of that exercise. If creating 15 shots and only six are on target, we need to create 20-something shots and we need 12 on target so we can score more. We need to be dangerous and it is work. It’s my job to put us in that position and hold the players responsible to get into that position.

Thoughts on Santiago Mosquera and Dominique Badji’s injuries…Not a detail. I know Santi is in pain. I haven’t met with the medical staff yet to get details, but I know he is in pain. [Dom] Badji is in pain as well. Those are guys that I thought showed fight today, so they have something they have to heal from, and we are going to support them.

FC Dallas forward Zdeněk Ondrášek

Thoughts on game…It’s hard to say good words about a game like this. Of course we are not happy. We wanted to win this game. We were well prepared, I would say. But we gave them two easy goals. And it was hard for us to get back—even though we did before the halftime, we scored an important goal. And again in the second half we gave them an easy goal and it was very hard for us. But we created chances. We have to be hungrier. Especially at the end of the game when the team is losing. We have to be hungrier. Go for the goals. Believe. And I don’t think we did that at 100% today.

On the adjustments in the second half…Well we knew how they played. In the back they play simple and they try to play football on the top. For me it was the first team in this league that I saw, they fight from the first minute. They were very aggressive. At the beginning we didn’t accept it well. We were always second for the ball. And we had big problems with that. I’m happy that I played. I would rather sit on the bench and have the three points with the team. I have to score. Everyone is expecting goals from me. The chance was there. Unfortunately it didn’t go in, so very disappointing today. We have to keep our heads up and get ready for the next game.

On what he can take away from this game…Every game is tough. It doesn’t matter if you play home or away. If you play against the first or the last team in the league. We have to prepare. It doesn’t matter who we play against. Every game is hard. Nothing is easy here. We just have to be the best every day and get ready for the game.

FC Dallas defender Johnny Nelson

Thoughts on playing a full 90 minutes…It’s obviously a great experience to play a full 90, but it’s kind of disappointing in the end. You want a victory in your full 90, but I think we’re just going to go from here and get better.

On the second half...I think it’s football. We missed some chances, but that’s just how it goes. I thought we had to do better defensively. Maybe we were a little unlucky with the deflections, but I thought we should’ve done better in the final third, but it happens.

On his first start...It’s definitely very big to get the full 90, but we have a very tough schedule coming up. LAFC away and home. But this is a group where we’re going to stay positive. We have great footballers. Great coaches. Great staff. We’ll be fine. We know we’ll be good.

Takeaways from this game...We can learn a lot. We got back to our football ways, passing a lot. But with a team like the Red Bulls, they make a few passes and send it long, it’s tough to defend against that. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest, but we can compete more. Compete better. I think we learned a lot today.