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May Outlook: Can FC Dallas continue to improve into the summer?

The busy season begins to pick up with more games in May.

Cue the Justin Timberlake memes, it is May folks. FC Dallas rounded out the month of April with seven points in four matches, a respectable pickup despite some shaky play over the last few weeks.

The month of May brings us five games, with a tough slate in the middle. Let’s breakdown where the points could come from and how things might be once we head into the summer.

Houston Dynamo - away - Saturday, May 4 (3:00 pm)

Up first is our Texas Derby match with the Dynamo. Last year, Dallas won the season series thanks to a win at home in the final game of the three-match series. Houston has started off this season really strong, winning five of their first seven matches. A result in this match will be tough but rivalry games always bring a different element to the field that makes it worth watching.

New York Red Bulls - home - Saturday, May 11 (1:00 pm)

The following Saturday brings the first of three games in eight days for FC Dallas, starting with the Red Bulls. New York has struggled so far this season, with only two wins in their eight games. The run-and-gun press that Chris Armes’ club has used in the past isn’t quite what it was over the last two seasons (losing guys like Tyler Adams may have had something to do with that). Right now, I would say this is a game you have to win at home.

LAFC - away - Thursday, May 16 (9:00 pm)

After that visit from New York will be the first of two games against LAFC this month. I’m not sure what the schedule makers were doing when they put FCD against LAFC in back-to-back games but here we are. LAFC is really looking like the Supporter Shield front-runners at the moment. Carlos Vela is on MVP form and the rest of the team is following suit with him. Their one stumble in Vancouver seems like a tiny blip on the radar at this point too.

LAFC - home - Sunday, May 19 (2:00 pm)

Just days later, the third game in eight days concludes with the return leg against LAFC. We’ll certainly know how Luchi Gonzalez handles LAFC in the first game and what he learns for the second game will be interesting to see unfold. That afternoon kickoff time could help out as we know by mid-May, the weather tends to get a lot warmer around here.

Vancouver Whitecaps - away - Saturday, May 25 (6:00 pm)

The final game of the month takes FCD to Canada. The Caps have had a rough go of things out of the game under Marc dos Santos. They’ve won just one game out of their nine played so far this season and have really struggled to take any sort of form or identity yet. Saying that, BC Place is never an easy venue to pick up points in, and on that turf, we could see more struggles away from home.


So just two home games this month tells me this will not be an easy time to get points. Gonzalez has found some success away from home but the recent play in the second half out of his squad does make me hesitant to think they’ll be able to get anything more than eight points out of May.

I think we’ll certainly know a lot of how this squad will be this weekend when we get to see them without Paxton Pomykal (hamstring injury) for the first time too. If no one steps up, it could be a long month in the attack.

What point total are you expecting this month? Let us know in the comments below.