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FC Dallas vs Philadelphia Union: Player Ratings

FC Dallas suffers a heartbreaking loss on the road, so let’s see how the players did, ratings wise.

MLS: FC Dallas at Philadelphia Union Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas suffered a heart breaking, come from behind, 2-1 loss at the Philadelphia Union. Let’s hand out some ratings to wrap this disappointing game up.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

Man of the Match: Jimmy Maurer (8.2) - You guys know that I have been an unabashed Jimmy Maurer fan, and after seeing his performance against the Philadelphia Union, everything good that I like about his play was on full display.

Jimmy would face 16 shots, with eight of them on goal, as it appeared that all of the action took place right in front of him for the majority of the night. Jimmy would finish with six saves, one punch, and allowed two goals, but let’s not pretend like the first goal off an excellent PK save, should have counted at all:

Despite the loss, Jimmy’s performance was good enough to earn him MLS Team of the Week honors, and should see him get more playing time in the near future for FC Dallas:

Reto Ziegler (7.6) - Reto put FCD up early:

Reto’s goal is up for MLS Goal of the Week. Besides his scoring heroics, Reto was everywhere defensively:

Reto was pretty close to ending up as MotM.

My two cents on the Reto kick out is, while Reto deserves disciplinary action for the kick out, let’s not pretend like there was no reason why Reto ended up rolling on the ground with the player who put him there, menacingly hovering over him. If the refs would have reviewed the play, there would be more than 1 card handed out.

Matt Hedges (5.7) - It really pains me to give Matt a low score for the match, but he was solely responsible for needlessly wrestling Corey Burke to the ground, on a rebound that Maurer could have easily saved.

Reggie Cannon (6.5) & Ryan Hollingshead (6.8) - On a day when most of the action took place on FCD’s side of the field, Reggie and Ryan both put in stellar defensive performances. Here’ their combined defensive actions against the Union:

Edwin Cerrillo (6.3), Jacori Hayes (5.8), Paxton Pomykal (6.3), Thomas Roberts (5.9) & Jesus Ferreira (6.0) - We can all look back at the kids getting all this early season playing time, as something that will pay off down the road for FCD. The kids nearly pulled off a road point, and their performance, while discombobulated, was still gutsy and scrappy all the way to the disappointing ending.

Michael Barrios (6.7) - Michael was about the only thing that the attack had going for it all night long. That is, until he was subbed off, leaving the FCD attack completely toothless.

Brandon Servania (6.0), Zdenek “Cobra” Ondrask (6.0), & John Nelson (5.9) - Sometimes the subs just don’t give you what you’re looking for, and such was the case here.

Luchi Gonzalez (5.3) - The handling of the subs was a sore point in this match. When the opposing manager, singles out your subbing decisions as a catalyst for their strong finish, you know something was wrong. Subbing off Barrios left the FCD attack toothless, as there was not a player on the field that offered the threatening pace that Barrios brought to the table. Once Barrios was gone, Philly was free to full commit to an all out assault, and it payed off for them big. This will simply have to go down, as a rough learning lesson for Luchi, who got a lot of things right early, but not when it counted the most.