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East Stand View: Growing pains continue for FC Dallas

The kids performed well, the vets, maybe not so much.

MLS: FC Dallas at Philadelphia Union Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It was a humid, mucky kind of evening in Dallas with the rain choosing not to come down here in DFW during the match. There seems to be rain every weekend over here and rain is forecasted for the upcoming Portland game in Frisco as well, but ponchos and umbrellas thankfully exist. The starting line up for the match looked a bit different than what one would expect. The kids though were what we should be focusing on in the face of this loss though...

Suspensions + Injuries = Kids

At least that’s what I was taught growing up. Kidding. FC Dallas tweeted out that there were suspensions handed out to Carlos Gruezo, Jesse Gonzalez, and Pablo Aranguiz for this match for an undisclosed reason. My theory might be they partied a little too hard one night, Kellyn Acosta style. There was also the fact that Dominque Badji and Santiago Mosquera are still nursing some injuries they’ve picked up recently. The above gives some context as to why we saw such a young line up take the field against an Alejandro Bedoya and Marco Fabian-led Philadelphia Union.

Anyone disappointed in the result, which should be anyone reading this really, should take solace in the fact that we got some of these younger guys valuable road experience against a good team. Not too concerned that the young attacking group didn’t do too much this match either, but if we see these kids rolled out a couple more times in the upcoming matches and they still do nothing...then I’ll be a little concerned...

Vets Made Mistakes

I’ll preface this a little by saying Reto Ziegler’s goal from the free kick was absolutely magnificent and the team played really well in the first half as a whole. The goals just seemed like switch offs from some key individuals in the back who had played so well up to that point. One culprit was Matt Hedges who felt the need to go full Wrestlemania while defending a deflected save that Jimmy probably should’ve let Matty know that he was going to be able to grab comfortably as goalies can use their hands. Whether it was miscommunication, a wrestling fan wanting to put their opponent into the turnbuckle, or just a complete lack in concentration it might’ve cost us the game.

Though there were a few defenders that might be to blame for the last goal. As much as I like Reto, he was a traffic cone on that last one. May have been gassed from all the defending they were having to do, but we’re 5 games into the season got to have a little more energy to give in the waning minutes. Then there was the kick out he had on a Philly player, did not expect that from one of our veterans. Hoping there’s not a disciplinary problem brewing in the FC Dallas camp...

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “(This game) is why I have xanax” - credit /u/bepeacock

Did you go watch the match at the watching party hosted by FC Dallas? How do you feel about how the kids performed, more hopeful than doom and gloom? Do you think there may be a disciplinary problem brewing in Dallas? Let me know in the comments below!