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FC Dallas vs Philadelphia Union: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from FC Dallas’ loss in Philly.

FC Dallas dropped points on the road Saturday night as they lost 2-1 to the Philadelphia Union.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts on tonight’s match…Very disappointing having the lead, playing what I thought was an even first half in terms of having the ball, them having the ball, creating chances, them creating chances. Second half, [Philadelphia Union] committed more numbers, they imposed more in our half and we absorbed the pressure, and that’s not how we want to play the entire time in the second half. It’s okay if it’s in moments, but it caught up to us in the end. Certainly moments that I will be reflecting and the staff as well how we can improve not absorbing so much and hold the lead, while still attacking, looking for a secondary goal, getting on the ball and finding spaces behind their lines. But to their credit they pushed until the end. I thought we could have gotten away with a point. I thought that would have been fortunate considering some of the stats I saw in terms of shots, but we have to know how to get a point in this game. In the 92nd minute, there was a breakdown there that we are going to review and work to get better. Disappointing not to walk away with a point, but at the end of the day that’s reality. We have to move on and bounce back for the opportunity we have next week against Portland.

On Thomas Roberts’ performance . . . I thought he had some positive moments. He’s a fearless player. He had some good plays, wiggles out of pressure, connected some passes and had a very positive game.

On Brandon Servania getting his debut . . . We wanted to solidify the middle and neutralize Ilsinho. We felt the next sub was going to do that and not allow any penetration down the middle. Brandon [Servania] came in and worked hard, defensively we were compact in the middle.

FC Dallas midfielder Thomas Roberts

On first FC Dallas start…I felt comfortable. It was a big step up, and it was a tough loss, but I feel like we were there effort wise. I was just happy to get on the field and even though I was playing out of position, I felt like I did my job pretty well and was just happy to support all the guys.

On the advice his teammates gave him…They just told me to connect my first couple of passes and then ‘to do your thing. Just stay calm and don’t be nervous, because you’re starting for a reason.’

On feeling nervous…No not really. I feel like the game against Colorado really helped out a lot. It’s a big step from coming off the bench to starting and I was having a little bit of butterflies when we walked out, because that was a pretty cool moment as I have never been in front of that many people.

Thoughts on what the team has to work on for next match…We had a really tough time playing out of the back today and I feel like they had control of the game the whole time, making us defend the whole time as well, so it was a lot of energy being lost. If we can do a better job of playing out of the back, connecting and have possession in higher places up on the field I think that would help out a lot too.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Jimmy Maurer

Thoughts on tonight’s performance…We battled hard. It wasn’t our best game by any means; thought we should’ve come away with at least a point, but it is what it is. We fought hard and got to learn a lot of things from it and we have to get ready for Portland.

Thoughts on playing in North Texas Soccer Club last week and FC Dallas this week…It was great. Always good to get some real minutes and get some rhythm, so it definitely made me feel that much more prepared stepping on the field this weekend.

Thoughts on the penalty kick…I just watched a lot of video as everyone does on this level and you do your homework. [Marco] Fabian is a great player that can go either way and I just felt at the last second to go to my right, just trying to wait and read him. I was able to get there but wasn’t able to put it in a good enough spot to prevent that rebound goal.

Thoughts on what the team needs to improve for next match…We just got to be a little sharper, be a little more commanding of moments, be able to know the rhythm in terms of controlling the game a little bit better and dominating the field by not getting squeezed in our own half so much.

Thoughts on Thomas Roberts and Brandon Servania’s debuts…Thomas [Roberts] was great, there’s a lot of quality in the kid. He’s a special player for sure, but today he showed that he’s been working hard and picking up the maturity and discipline to fill a role defensively by knowing his responsibility in his job. Then when he gets the ball no one has to tell him what to do, he’s a special player but today showed that he has really been paying attention to the concepts and tactics that [head coach] Luchi Gonzalez has been putting forward. [Brandon Servania] works so hard and is a really good player, so I’m really happy for him to get in. He didn’t get too many minutes and it’s a tough part of the game for him to get in and wasn’t able to get too many touches on the ball, but it’s just a start for him. Really strong player and we’ll be seeing a lot more from him for sure.

FC Dallas defender Reto Ziegler

On tonight’s performance…We suffered for 90 minutes. We were not able to keep the ball so we have to analyze what we did wrong, but we can’t defend for 90 minutes and expect to win. I was hoping for a point today and in the future if this happens again, we should be able to take a point in these games, but we can’t say that we deserved to win. We’re disappointed but we’re going to fight back and show something much better for next game for sure. On

Thomas Roberts and Brandon Servania’s debuts…I don’t think that there’s a difference between young or old players, they’re good players and we try to help them in these kinds of games. MLS is high level and they’re able to play on this level, so I’m proud that we have a young team. We don’t look for excuses, we have a good team and know that some players were at home, but next week we’re going to fight back.

On his second goal of the season…It’s always a pleasure to score but in the end when you lose it doesn’t count. Of course, for myself I’m happy, but in the end if you go away with zero points it has no meaning.