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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from Saturday’s draw.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s 0-0 draw between FC Dallas and the San Jose Earthquakes left a lot to be desired. Here is a breakdown of what happened and what FC Dallas players had to say after the match.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on tonight’s match…Tale of two halves again. We were fortunate to get the draw considering how the momentum was at the end of the game. Important point, again, considering how the game was at the end. We’ll take that, but we are going to be critical with ourselves and honest. We just had a really good talk after the game about being honest with the things we want to improve.

The first half was positive, we created some good chances. The sun came out and both teams were feeling heat neither had felt yet, so both teams had to be smart in terms of their concepts, taking care of the ball, and running smart as opposed to just running for the sake of running, so there was an adjustment there that we talked about before the game. But I felt we had great combinations to break their man-marking and we broke that and created opportunities, and there were almost some goals.

Second half, they continued their man-marking. We played into their hands, were less mobile, played more in front of them and there weren’t movements in behind their midfield or last line. When we do that, the pressure catches up and we lose possession in front of them which allowed them to have transitions to go in goal and their attacks or sequences of recovery straight down the midfield or flank.

In our next step, we have to create more movements in behind the last line and the midfield and that will create more spaces and passing lanes so we can possess out of pressure and have more of the ball and create more. That will take more training and time, but the group is a winning mentality group and are not happy with the point at home. I have to be proud to work with a group that is not happy with that and want to do more for the fans and each other.

Thoughts on the shift…A lot of it is mental. San Jose is a team that needs points and they need them right away. They are starting to understand the ways of their system and they saw success at Kansas City and Seattle. This is a team that’s riding high on that idea, so it’s mental and you feel that energy to push and for us it was having to deal with that. It’s human nature when you are desperate and you need something bad, it’s amazing how you can give the extra [energy]. We have to give that extra whether we have points or not, wherever we are on the table. We are going to make some tweaks in training this week to bring out what we feel is the extra in the run, winning the duel, winning the second ball, the recovery tackle. At the end of the game, the X’s and O’s are cast aside at a certain point and it’s a mental game and it’s about the duels. We want to improve on the duels and the tactical concepts to create more especially at home and on the road.

Thoughts on moving Paxton Pomykal in the formation and update on his injury…Paxton [Pomykal] tweaked his hamstring, it doesn’t look too serious, so it was out of caution. It wasn’t worth pushing. Paxton we tried during the week on him being a full swinger and give us [Bryan] Acosta more as a 10, [Carlos] Gruezo as an eight and Edwin [Cerrillo] as a six, but defensively as a double-six. It looked good during training and Paxton was giving us that extra midfield player, so in the man-marking we wanted Paxton to give us that extra player in the midfield to break that.

On the team’s mood after today’s result…The group is disappointed, and I love that because we want more, we want to show more for the fans, and we want to earn more. But it’s not going to be easy. That’s a heck of a team and I give them a lot of credit to San Jose and I look forward to the next time we get to play them, even if it’s in the middle of Copa America, Gold Cup, U-20 World Cup, which we might be missing some pieces but that’s a great opportunity for guys to step it up.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Acosta

Thoughts on today’s game…A bit disappointed in the result. We wanted to get three points but couldn’t get them. Now it’s time to rest and think about the next game that will be a difficult match as well and prepare to get three points.

Thoughts on San Jose’s performance…A very difficult team. They are growing and have been getting positive results. We knew it was going to be a very tough match and we had to adapt to the way they pressured us. We had to do our job and unfortunately we couldn’t take advantage of the opportunities we had today. But like I said, it’s time to turn the page and focus on Houston.

FC Dallas midfielder Edwin Cerrillo

Thoughts on today’s game…It’s tough. Definitely disappointing we didn’t get the three points at home. After the game, we all came into the locker room disappointed. Luchi [Gonzalez] gave us confidence, they didn’t have an easy tactic to play against and we weren’t familiar with it. But we are going to learn from this game and keep working hard and focus on the next game.

On today’s chances…The chances that we created gave us a little boost of confidence. But it’s difficult to not have the ball and have to defend all the time. Overall tired that we had to defend like that. We have to keep training and keep pushing the game and keep imposing and stop being so reactive and keep working to get a better result next time.

On the heat affecting the teams…There’s no excuse on how we performed today. But it was difficult to play in the heat like that. But it goes beyond the conditions of the field and the weather, it’s about our mentality and we have to be stronger than that.

FC Dallas defender Ryan Hollingshead

Overall thoughts on today’s match…They play a different style than a lot of other teams in the league with their man-to-man style. We couldn’t figure it out, I don’t know whether it was the heat or their style, but we just couldn’t put it together or figure it out. We struggled playing out of that. We feel disappointed, feel like we lost some points at our home field. Both teams had their chances and it could have gone either way. Our defense felt solid and held strong, but our offense just was not clicking in the last third. We were getting especially good counter attacks but couldn’t really figure out how to finish them off.

On San Jose’s style of play…They had a good approach. They believe in what they’re doing with their man marking. They’re in a good form right now, coming off of a couple big wins and they’re playing well together. I think in the beginning they were playing with different formations, figuring out what they wanted to do but they’re playing better now. Still, at our home field and in the way we’ve been playing, we just expected to be better than that.

FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges

On San Jose’s style of play…Their man marking technique is pretty unique. I thought we played the first half pretty well. We moved the ball around and attacked when we had our chances, but I don’t know why we stopped doing that in the second half and let them start pressuring us.

On the weather affecting today’s match…I mean, we should be used to it at this point. We’ve been playing in this type of weather for a while, so it’s not really an excuse. You can bring it up and say that it’s making us tired, but they’re dealing with the same conditions, so it isn’t something we can say was the problem.