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East Stand View: Primetime Kiddos

We were on the primetime stage this time and the kids shined bright.

MLS: FC Dallas at Atlanta United FC Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven’t heard, FC Dallas traveled to Atlanta this past weekend to face off against the current MLS Cup holders in the capital of Georgia. The game was put on primetime ESPN which means we had to deal with Taylor Twellman talking. The uniforms were a little different in the game with the Hoops wearing a strange dark blue and the home people wearing a light blue uniform. This was done for every game in the league to show off jerseys made from recycled plastic. It was a nervy game with plenty of defending for the good guys, but first let’s chat about the worldwide leader in sports...


Normally games on major networks will get delayed slightly due to various reasons. The reason this time was a softball game that seemingly kept the game off the big boy network for a good part of the game. At least it was on ESPN News which is what the network normally does until the previous game is over. After about 20 minutes though the game came on the big boy ESPN. The league wanted this game to simultaneously showcase a packed Atlanta stadium with the reigning MVP against a team of homegrowns that don’t really have a big name signings. Along with a side of Jon Champion and Taylor Twellman...

I’ll preface this part by saying I think Taylor Twellman has a good head on his shoulders. No, I’m not calling him cute, I just tend to agree with his opinions on the soccer world and where we should be going as a soccer nation and how to get there. Basically, I really like his Twitter feed most of the time. Alas, you would be hard pressed to get me to enjoy Taylor Twellman’s commentary. Does he have insights into the game that I find interesting? Definitely. Are those insights far and few between? Absolutely. I’m not sure how long he has been commentating, and he has gotten better since the 2014 World Cup, but sometimes it’s a struggle to listen to big TT.

Eek’d Out

This was definitely the type of win I usually get on FIFA, if you know what I’m talking about you might begin to hate me as a person. Atlanta dominated the game in my opinion, but out of our three good chances, we scored on two of them. Whereas Atlanta had numerous good chances and only got to score after Gruezo made a mental error and stepped on our favorite Atlanta player of all time Brek Shea. Our post had a number of saves but my MOTM Jesse Gonzalez had an incredible amount of stops as well. Count ourselves just a tad lucky to leave that building with points, let alone three whole points.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Cross from Brek Shea and that was a wasted opportunity. What a redundant sentence.” -credit to /u/AdequateBob

Did you get a chance to watch the game or did you leave it on boxing once it switched channels? Do you like Taylor Twellman but just can’t stand his commentary like me or am I being a meany? What did you think of the recycled jerseys? Let me know in the comments below!