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East Stand View: Cold and Controversial

Controversy is a dish best served cold and in the rain.

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Wasn’t sure if there was going to even be a game today when waking up around noon (yeah, Saturdays are sleep in days and I take advantage). Intense storms swept through North Texas for a good chunk of the afternoon. Thankfully, the storms started subsiding and it seemed the weather would not be holding up the game. Unfortunately, the weather scared away many fans that would have been there had the weather been more like it had been during the week. Warm and clear skies. The only warmth to be found at the stadium was on the pitch where our team gave those fans that made it a nice reward...

Cold and Drizzly

The drizzle wasn’t too bad at the beginning of the game. The part that was ridiculous was the freezing winds cutting through the audience like a knife. This being the first night game for FC Dallas at home this season, the lack of sun wasn’t helping one bit with the temperatures dropping before and during the game. It looked like most people had made back up plans instead of heading to the game as the stadium was sparsely populated on all sides. The strong Portland contingent in the visiting corner didn’t really seem to mind though as they were chanting about until the very end of the game. At least the rain wasn’t really that bad, until towards the very end of the game...

Oh boy did the rain really start pouring after the game. If you’re one to leave almost right after the last whistle, you were not having a good time getting back to your vehicle. Although, the nice thing about there being so few people at the game meant your parking spot probably wasn’t as far away as it normally is. Thankfully, this looked like it was our final cold snap of the season, and we should be looking good for our April 27th bout against the Earthquakes that actually starts at 2:30pm, so should be a warm one.

Ryan HollingsHand?

So, we shouldn’t be chatting about it as it’s all said and done, but we as a fan base have always felt hard done by VAR introduction and refereeing decisions. Heck, even us Cowboys fans have a strong disdain for the men on the 3rd team. We have to look at this incident as maybe a little return on the painful mistakes of the yellow team in the past. Next time we have a game where we bash VAR, just make sure to remember we weren’t always on the receiving end of bad decisions made with replay. With that being said, as an FC Dallas loyalist, that totally wasn’t a handball...

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Portland seems to have brought their bad weather along with their bad team with them.” (Mind you this was made before they scored).

Did you brave the storms and the cold weather to make it to the stadium this past Saturday? Were you adequately prepared for the weather at all? Do you think we’ve gone even when it comes to refereeing and VAR decisions? Or have we still had the short end of the stick? Let me know in the comments below!