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East Stand View: Pax Out RSL

An early red card gave us an advantage for the game.

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Woah, where did our warm weather go?! It was a day to stay indoors in the DFW area if you aren’t a fan of the cold, as a cold front swept through in the middle of the night between Friday and Saturday. Thankfully, the cold front fell on a day that we had an away game, and we got to watch the match on the television inside our insulated places of residence. Real Salt Lake set the tone for the match in the first 20 minutes and Paxton had himself a day. It was a fairly exciting game despite giving up two goals to a 10 man team, and the RSL fans had the joy of watching it all. But first, let’s talk about how that man advantage come about...

Red Salt Lake

Let’s get straight to the red card. Sure, Demir Kreilach’s forehead just grazed Carlos Gruezo’s head, but there’s no arguing whether it made contact. Now, if Gruezo chose not to go down, Toledo would’ve never noticed the head graze and therefore no red card for a red card offense. Your head touches them with the ball not in play, it’s a red card automatically. Ask Zidane. Since Gruezo brought attention to it by going down, Kreilach was suitably punished with an ejection. If you don’t like it, then give some suggestions in the comments on how Gruezo should’ve handled it, would love to read it.

The crowd in Rio Tinto Stadium reminded me very much of FC Dallas crowds. Fairly full but you can see some empty seats here and there, and also their chairs are a shade of red (laugh track). Just a few years ago, a trip to Salt Lake City was daunting for any team in MLS. Playing in front of rowdy, sold out crowds against a team with a formidable defense and potent attack. With Mike Petke at the helm, there’s no doubt they’ll get there again, but there will be growing pains. And FC Dallas, with a stellar performance from the Pax-man, delivered a gut punch of a growing pain to the Utah team on Saturday night...

Clinical Finishing

So you’re telling me, we took Dominque Badji out of the line up, and our goals for almost doubled in one game? Do tell. Our passing was fluid, our runs were timed excellently, and our shots were actually on target. Paxton was absolutely on fire this match, opening his MLS account with a brace while doing all the right things to help the attack. It wasn’t just the Pax-inator, it was the entire attack.

The Jesus Ferreira goal was a perfect example of how on point we were in this game. Barrios with a threatening run, a great cross, and Ferreira was there to just deflect it into the net. Gorgeous goal. If we can be on target as often as we were tonight, the places we could go...

And finally, your quote of the night: “We just had the butt goal” - Mark Followill.

Still trying to think of a Latin nickname for Pax, which means ‘Peace’ in Latin, any ideas? Should we start Jesus Ferreira at the striker position from here on out? Or are y’all still clamoring for the Cobra? Let me know in the comments below!