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Player Ratings: FC Dallas vs. New England Revolution

A disappointing result to begin the season, leads to some so-so ratings for FC Dallas players.

MLS: New England Revolution at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The first game of the season is in the books as FC Dallas picked up a 1-1 draw against the New England Revolution. Let’s hand out some ratings to wrap this game up.

Man of the Match: Michael Barrios (7.5) - There’s little doubt about who the MotM was, as Mickey looked great on Saturday, and got FCD on the scoreboard first:

Barrios looks rejuvenated to start the season, and has given everyone notice, that he shouldn’t be discounted as a contender for FCD’s Golden Boot Award at the end of the season.

Jessie Gonzalez (6.4) - Jesse didn’t really have much to do all match long, and only faced two shots on the day. Jesse had one save, and it’s really hard to pin the Revs goal one him, as he was clearly shielded on that play:

Other than allowing the Gil goal, Jesse looked quite comfortable throughout the match.

Reggie Cannon (6.6) - Reggie had his now usual solid performance, and ended the match with a team leading seven tackles, to go with one interception, two clearances, and one aerial won. He took one shot (not on goal), had one key pass, and finished with 81.3% passing accuracy. I have to say, that even though they did not really amount to anything in this match, Reggie had some eye catching sprints to the ball. Once this team’s attack begins to gel, those kind of runs will begin to show results.

Reto Ziegler (6.6) & Matt Hedges (6.9) - Reto and Matt were rock solid against the Revs. They combined for 225 touches on the ball which was good enough to have them #5 and #6 in MLS this weekend, on the list of players with most touches. They combined for 85% passing out of the back, and both even made several forays forward late in the match. Reto had that questionable yellow card, so his rating takes a dip.

Ryan Hollingshead (7.2) - I’m pretty shocked at how high I ended up rating Ryan. He was a player that had me cringe on defense a couple of times early in the match, and had one turnover that a better attacking team might have punished FCD for. After rewatching the game, Ryan shows a gunslinger type mentality on defense, in that he looks absolutely fearless in aggressively going after attackers. The downside is that he will occasionally overplay a ball, and get beaten by a defender, but his good plays far outnumbered his bad plays.

Hollingshead would finish with a team leading five interceptions, a team leading four clearances, to go along with two tackles, and three aerials won on defense. On offense, he finished with one shot on goal, he beat three defenders on the dribble, and had 79% passing accuracy. It’s on offense, where I get the impression that him could do a lot more. With Mosquera constantly drifting inside, and vacating the left wing, we simply need to see more overlapping runs from Ryan. There’s a couple of things for Ryan to shore up, but it’s going to be really hard for Marquinhos Pedroso to regain his starting spot if Ryan continues to play at this level.

Carlos Gruezo (6.3) - I’m one of the people who thought Gruezo had a really good game, so the rating may come as a shock to some. The truth is that Gruezo was mostly a linking midfielder out there against the Revs, finishing with 92% passing on 75 pass attempts. Other than that he was never involved in the attack, and only finished with a single clearance on defense. The rating may be more of a reflection on the fact that New England had a pretty anemic attack for most of the match, and that they also took great pains to avoid coming down the middle, where Gruezo was waiting.

Bryan Acosta (6.5) & Jacori Hayes (6.5) - Bryan had a solid if unspectacular debut for FCD, and Jacori had a very solid match until leaving with an injury. It’s really hard to give them a higher rating than that, as they looked like players who haven’t really played together enough to have a good rapport. With the demands of Luchi’s system, the midfield has to be on point, and Acosta, Hayes, and Gruezo, were anything but. This will be a reoccurring theme for this team early in the season, as the team will only perform as well as their midfield allows them to. Making it imperative that Luchi find the right group to field together in the midfield, as soon as possible.

My initial impression of Acosta is that he does some very nice things, and shows a super sneaky burst of speed to the ball both on the attack and in defense. He showed only glimpses throughout the match, but hopefully we’ll see more and more of what he brings to the team, as he grows in familiarity and comfort with his team.

Dominique Badji (6.6) - Despite only finishing with one shot on goal, and one key pass, I was very impressed with his play. In particular, his hold up play is light years better than it was last season, and he was really causing havoc for the New England defense in the first half. While Badji did appear to go missing periods at a time during the match, that looked to be more of the midfields disjointed play, more so than anything he was doing. Badji’s rating is actually knocked down slightly due to receiving a yellow card.

Santiago Mosquera (6.7) - You guys know I’m really high on Mosquera, and I don’t hide my thoughts on that. Santi was the most creative looking player out there for FCD, and he had a couple of attempted passes that made me jump right out of my seat. Still, it would have been really nice to have seen Santi teamed up with a more creative midfielder for this match (cough, cough, Pomykal), so that Santi could be the guy at the end of those amazing looking passes. I will add, that Santi should have come out sooner. As much as I like the guy, I’m still not convinced he’s a 90 minute player, and he clearly faded down the stretch.


Paxton Pomykal (6.0) & Jesus Ferreira (6.0) - While many of us were disappointed that Paxton didn’t get the start, it’s still very exciting to see him be the first player off the bench. The low scores say it all, both Pax and Jesus failed to have an effect on the match. Perhaps if they had both entered sooner, this wouldn’t have been the case.


Luchi Gonzalez (6.5) - At the end of the day, it was a disappointing result in his first match as manager of FCD. The subs could have come in a lot sooner, as it was clear that New England had made the better adjustments after halftime, and were controlling the match right up until they tied it up. It just feels like Luchi played it safe with his first lineup, and thus, he gets a safe rating.