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East Stand View: Cold and Dreary

That title works for both our performance and the weather.

Dreary and weary
Ryan Scanlon

New season, new coach, new concession stand prices! Three things FC Dallas fans can get more or less excited about when heading into March. The weather was doing it’s best Seattle impression with the off and on drizzles of rain with an overall cold damp setting. Winter wanted to make one last gasp until we left her, and opening day attendance figures seemed to reflect it. Unfortunately the players took inspiration from the cold and dreary weather and reflected it in their play during the game. Before we get into that rant, let’s talk about the weather....

New People!

Yes indeed, I chose the optimal day to bring new people to go see their first FC Dallas game ever. Ask any Seattle Sounders fan and they’ll agree that a cold, dreary, grey day is the best day to show new people the spectacle of live soccer. They got to see El Matador march in from the west parking lot to the north entrance, bringing with them the energy that most of the stadium often lacks. They got to experience free parking to a live event in DFW. And upon arrival we found our seats expectedly wet. However, the lower level of the stadium provided a small bit of respite from the wind.

Quick pro-tip to anyone that wants to defrost during days like this, the bathrooms were incredibly heated during the game. Another quick pro-tip to anyone that wants to defrost or get out of the rain during a game or halftime, they do not allow normal ticket holders into the Soccer Hall of Fame. So don’t try it unless you know the door man.

Same Formula, No Change?

Really felt like we were watching a Papi team out there today which isn’t surprising considering he just left this past off season. The recipe cooked up by the old regime could at times look cold and bereft of any ideas going forward. Much like it did after we went up a goal. It seemed our strategy was coming from just hoofing it up field and hoping Mikey or Mosquera hoped on it to score. Which worked for the first goal then didn’t work from there on out and it seemed there wasn’t any other viable options.

Also worried that the player subs timings weren’t indicative of the future timings for subs. We were tied, at home, and used our subs past the 70th minute? We also only used two of our subs for the game despite us not really being that threatening with the personnel on the field. Really holding out hope that this was just first game jitters and not going to be the norm.

And finally, your quote of the game:

Dad: ‘Do you want to stay and watch the rest of the game?’

Kid: ‘Yeah, I wanna watch the rest of the game’

Dad: visibly disappointed and cold.

Did you make it out to the stadium for opening weekend, if so, how did you deal with the cold? Did you watch the entire game, or did you leave the stadium/turn off the television before the final whistle? Were you sharing the frustrations with our lack of attacking spark, or more the lack of substitutions? Let me know in the comments below!