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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from the first road win of 2019.

FC Dallas picked up an all-important road win on Saturday night against conference foe Real Salt Lake.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Thoughts on the match...From the beginning, we ended up getting a play that in transition led to an early goal. So, scoring that goal early is a positive, but it’s also a challenge because you know the other team is going to respond right away and [Real Salt Lake] did even with a man down. There were some emotions and competitive fire there that led to some cards, but we have to move forward and deal with the situation the best we can. [Tonight] ended up [with] them being a man down and they were dangerous on the counters and slowly we were able to get on the ball, control the game, impose and keep attacking, but [Real Salt Lake] never gave up so credit to them, but we have to worry about how we can continue to be dangerous and find a way to win.

Thoughts on tonight’s outcome compared to the first road match…Every game is going to be different, home or away, honestly. Whether we are home or away, we want to compete and play with our idea and our style and try to win. If that leads to a loss or a draw or the win, it’s going to be us doing it in a way that we are pushing the game and we’re trying to play our way. I thought we showed a lot of flashes of that today; we have to continue to get better if we want to do this consistently.

Thoughts on Paxton Pomykal’s performance…Paxton [Pomykal] is a mature young player that’s not acting like he’s made it in any way. He’s just trying to help the team, work hard and fulfill his role, and he’s doing it in a way that today led to goals. In other games, it [has] led to transitional plays where he recovers the ball or gets a key pass or smart plays. He’s going to continue to do what he feels is best for this team and that’s the type of person he is and player he is and we’re lucky to have him.

Thoughts on Jesús Ferreira’s performance…Intelligence. Timing. Technique. Taking the next step. Growth. Just doing what he’s good at and knowing that the game is one where it’s [about] smart movement and timing as opposed to physicality and athleticism. He’s showing that he’s a footballer, and he had some smart movements at the nine or a false-nine position. [He] put himself around the goal, connected with others and that was a great layup off the first goal, so he continues to contribute and helps this team.

FC Dallas midfielder Paxton Pomykal

Thoughts on tonight’s match…We played well. Obviously, they had a red card early, but even before that we scored a goal early and we were trying to implement ourselves to the game. Home or away, we play the same way, so we can’t control how they acted and got the red card, obviously we can’t control that, we just have to adapt to the game and play to what is given.

Thoughts on scoring two goals tonight…I’m happy with the goals, but at the end of the day I’m happy that we won. It’s key to get points on the road for the season. This is our second road trip, we lost the first one, so it’s good to be able to go on the road, get a win and get that out of the way, so we know that whenever we go on the road, we can do it.

Thoughts on how the team responded following Real Salt Lake’s goals… We need to be better at killing out the game. We were up two goals and we gave them a goal and then every time they scored, we came back really quickly and scored right back. So, we were never in doubt that we didn’t have control of the game. I thought we had control of the game the whole time and it was a good game.

FC Dallas forward Jesus Ferreira

Thoughts on tonight’s match…We went out there and executed the plan that [head coach] Luchi Gonzalez gave us. We went with the mentality of “if we do the plan right, everything is going to go right for us.”

Thoughts on being able to help the team with a goal and two assists… I feel good that I was able to help the team with the win today whether it was with an assist or a goal. I was happy to help the team out.

FC Dallas midfielder Pablo Aránguiz

Thoughts on starting in tonight’s win…Happy to participate and be able to get minutes. Thankful that coach [Luchi Gonzalez] is trusting me and giving me some playing time. I’ve worked hard and this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting on. I hope I don’t lose the chance, but there is a healthy competition within my position, so may the best player start.

Thoughts on Paxton Pomykal and Jesus Ferreira’s performance tonight…They are young players who contribute a lot to the team. They started from the bottom in the Academy and I can feel they have a lot of love for the club. I enjoy playing with them, like I previously said, there’s a healthy competition, they are young, they contribute, and they play well for their age. Happy for them, for us and for the club in general. We’ve earned a great win tonight and congratulations to them who were able to contribute tonight.

Thoughts on tonight’s performance compared to Columbus…The red card in the first half set the tone, as well as the goal in the first minute. It happened so fast and they weren’t expecting it. But the red card and the intensity really set the tone for the rest of the match. In Columbus, we gave up a goal in the first half and the second half was a little better, but we couldn’t equalize. But tonight, we capitalized, we played our best and got the three points.