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FC Dallas vs New England Revolution: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from Saturday’s draw.

FC Dallas kicked off the new season with a 1-1 draw against the New England Revolution.

FC Dallas Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez

General Thoughts on the Game

Disappointing when you’re up and the game ends in a tie for both the team and the staff. It was 10 minutes of casualness in the second half that punished us for that game tying goal. But If you remove those minutes, I have to be proud and happy about our progress among a lot of other things. We connected a lot of passes, showed confidence and courage in our play to combine under pressure. We wanted to have more of the ball in their half, as there was a lot of possession within our own half and around half field, where I feel the next step is to do it closer to their goal.

This is a team that has showed that they’re winners as they’re disappointed with a draw, even though it could be a valuable point as the season progresses, as we’re here at home and always want to play and win for our fans, the club, and for this family.

The point is positive knowing we had moments of making it a win, so I have to be proud of the boys to have an identity and know that with hard work and commitment we will improve with time.

On His MLS Head Coaching Debut

Honor. Not too much time to think but I’m sure I’ll have a reflection now. I would have liked to have three points for our fans, so I’m disappointed and I know I can do better. I know we can do better. I’m going to enjoy the journey to be better.

FC Dallas Defender Reto Ziegler

On the game.

I think we really tried to play football today with our tactics, especially in the first half. New England was waiting for us, they didn’t press us. We had good ball possession but were really not dangerous enough. In the second half, the first 10-15 minutes we came out a bit too sloppy without energy and next time we have to change that. We have to be ready to attack in the second half from the first minute.

On pulling the group together at halftime

It’s something we’re doing this year. We did it in preseason. We just want to talk and improve and see what we can do better for the second half. It’s a good way to do that all together.

On being named captain

It’s an honor for me, I’m really proud of that. The coach and the team trust in me and I try to give it back to everybody back on the field.

FC Dallas Midfielder Michael Barrios

On conceding the goal and trying to recover themselves....

Like I said we kept losing the ball a lot. They were trying to keep us in our own half by launching the ball over our heads and trough these set pieces. They scored of a free kick, and they stunned us early in the second half. We are going to improve on these little details so we can work for the next games.

On his link up play with Reggie Cannon...

Reggie and I have a good partnership on the right side. We started working together last year, and we work day by day to improve on that. Our chemistry will be key throughout the season. We’re going to work within us and as a team to build us better.

On the next fixture vs. LA Galaxy...

The next game will be more complicated because we are playing a team with a lot of history. We need to work on keeping more possession of the ball and winning these battles on both ends of the pitch. We need to be ready for the second ball in any plays as well. Now we just wait to see what our coach [Luchi] wants us to analyze and improve before the next game.

FC Dallas Forward Dominique Badji

Thoughts on the match

I think we could’ve been a little more clinical in the box. We had a lot of good crosses, a lot of good opportunities that if we were just a half step ahead we would’ve put in. The positive is we had those chances. We created a lot of good chances, we were solid defensively and that goal is something we can avoid. I think if we clean up those things and get to the end of balls then we’ll be fine.

On the ability to maintain preseason form at the start of the game

Definitely the majority of the first half, if not all. The second half we came out flat-footed. The first 10-15 minutes weren’t really the way we wanted to play but after we got past that little struggle we were in, the rest of the game was good.

On Barrios’ goal

Luchi’s instilled that on us and although we want to move the ball and pass and combine passes, sometimes you have to use a player’s strength. Mikey is fast and I can hold up play and flick on balls, so it was just one of those chances where we went back to doing what we naturally do and it was a great finish by Mikey.