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Quick Burns: Which player not starting do you want to see this weekend for FC Dallas?

Naturally there are some options off the bench that we’d like to see get a shot at starting out this weekend.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we’re nearly done with the first month of the 2019 season, we’ve seen FC Dallas manager Luchi Gonzalez roll with the same formation this season (a 4-3-3) but some differences each week in his starting lineup due to injuries or international duty.

So we figured with the Real Salt Lake game ahead this weekend and more potential changes coming, our staff thought they’d share their one guy that they’d like to see get a start this weekend who hasn’t already done so in 2019.

Jason Poon - Thomas Roberts

A 17-year old head fakes two defenders to create a passing lane. I’m sold. Granted, I’d never seen Roberts play before last weekend, so I’m even more intrigued by the mystery of him. He was one of two players that Bayern wanted to look at closely during the off-season. Something tells me he’s got more to offer than just that cameo we saw.

Drew Epperley - Brandon Servania

I know the easy answer is to say someone like Cobra but I’m still most intrigued by what Servania can bring to the midfield when Carlos Gruezo isn’t available (he should be this weekend though). Luchi Gonzalez hasn’t been afraid to throw out a HGP at this point in the season, so why not give him a go this weekend against RSL?

Jeff Loftin - Cobra

Not only because of the reminiscence of G.I. Joe, but because we have had a lack of production up top thus far. I want to see goals, and our goals per pass (0.114) is the fifth worst in the league presently. Our shots per pass (0.018 shots per pass) is only better than Atlanta & Columbus, leading to some inefficiencies. Let’s try someone new up top and see where it takes us. Oh and please do not give up another set piece goal to someone marked by our center backs.

Jack Rouse - Bryan Acosta

Our new DP is still one of the players I’m most curious about. Frankly, I’m not sure what we have yet. He’s still adjusting to the system, but he could ultimately end up one of the best box to box mids in the league. His partnership with Gruezo is going to be the key to our season, so I’m excited to see him get another go around.

Jose Carmona - Cobra

Forget the stats, we know that the FC Dallas attack has been struggling. Forget that the other forwards are better acclimated to what Luchi wants them to do. Cobra brings the one thing that this team has lacked from an attacking player for a long long time, and that is a burning passion to do anything and everything humanly possible to score. Cobra brings an intensity to this team that can be contagious. With such a young team on the pitch for FCD, seeing a player who battles for every inch of advantage he can gain for his team, can only be a good thing for our young players to be around and learn.

Ben Lyon - Pablo Aranguíz

A road trip to Real Salt Lake could make for a shootout, and I want another attacking mid in this one. Not only will Pablo help in keeping possession, but he also looks like he has the toolbox to make the best of transition with through balls. Give me Barrios and some combination of Badji, Ferreira, and Santi, but make sure you give me Pablo for the first hour to get the most out of the folks up top.