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East Stand View: Rain Supreme

Second home game of three where it has rained. Fun!

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

The weather was in a mood on Saturday, as the Colorado Rapids came into Frisco. A cool 69 degrees to start the game with drizzles coming off and on throughout the afternoon just to make sure the fans didn’t put away their panchos for too long. Landon Donovan scarfed the Lamar Hunt statute before the match, and Luchi Gonzalez’s old team brought some visiting fans who come out to support them no matter how well they’re doing that season. Despite the warnings of rain, and then rain coming during the match, the crowd wasn’t as shabby as when there’s normally rain games.

Donovan and Traveling fans

Before the match, the Landon Donovan scarfing and the off and on rain were being interpreted as bad omens in my mind. Donovan was in town with his indoor soccer team the San Diego Sockers to take on the world famous Dallas Sidekicks. LD10 was signing memorabilia and taking photos with fans around the Lamar Hunt statute which was nice of the American legend to do so. My favorite part of his visit was the fact that he was wearing an FC Dallas scarf the entire time.

Colorado always seems to have a number of visiting fans no matter how their team is doing that season. It might be because they’ve been pretty good tying or beating FC Dallas here in Frisco in recent years. There were some scattered in bits around the stadium but there was a main concentration of visiting fans around the usual visitors section. They never got too loud although their cheers could annoyingly be heard during the Rapid’s goal.

Home crowd and Homegrowns!

The drizzles in the first half picked up a little towards the beginning of the second half. Unfortunately, once the rain picked up a little, a number of patrons started to leave the game. In the first half though, the east side was pretty filled up while the west and south were a little more sparse. What wasn’t sparse was the amount of homegrowns on the team!

Whether it was on the bench or on the field, on our team or on their team, the FC Dallas homegrowns were everywhere. Thomas Roberts, Paxton Pomykal, Reggie Cannon, Edwin Cerrillo, Jesus Ferreira, and Jesse Gonzalez all played really nice roles in the game. Then after the game, one of our own was the subject of a number of hugs after the game. One of our favorite homegrowns, Kellyn Acosta was chatting to a number of FCD players after the match. One of my favorite things about following this club will continue to be the academy. Absolutely love it.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “6 minutes of stoppage?! Omg literally an eternity.”

Did you go to the game and get rained on or did you go the game and actually remembered to bring your pancho? Did you get to meet Landon Donovan before or after the scarfing ceremony? Who is your favorite homegrown that was in Frisco this past Saturday? Let me know in the comments below!