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East Stand View: Our Finishing Saved The Crew

FC Dallas traveled up north to show just how much they can miss, thankfully not many people saw it.

MLS: FC Dallas at Columbus Crew SC Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Patty’s Day parade was wrapping up in Dallas and with most people loaded up on plenty of green beers, it was time to watch some soccer. It looked like a cold day in Ohio, as opposed to the absolutely fantastic weather in DFW on Saturday evening and the attendance there in Columbus looked to be affected by it. TXA 21 was broadcasting the match on Saturday, although it seemed like the camera work was being done as part of a high school art project group at times. If only the camera work was a little worse, we wouldn’t have had to see the turnover machine that was our team...

Late Subs. VAR!?

Still no early subs? We had to wait till past the 70th minute to finally get a different guy out there while we’d been losing 1-0 since the 10th minute! I’m not saying sub right when we go down a goal, but at least throw out a sub before almost 80%* of the game has gone by. If we’re going to be subbing post-70th minute when we’ve been down/tied most of the game, this will be a frequent complaint from the fans as the season plays on.

*Rounding up for you math fans out there

Speaking of baffling second half decisions, Fairly certain there was a handball in the box when our MLS debutant John Nelson tried to cross it in and it smacked the arm of the Columbus Crew defender. Should that have gone to VAR review? Absolutely. Though this is the same ref that didn’t review either of Acosta’s terrible tackles earlier in the game so he set some kind of precedent of not going to the VAR to make sure he got it right.

Bad Attendance

I’ll give this a couple prefaces, for starters, I root for a team that is consistently around the Crew’s level in attendance. That level is almost always near the bottom. Also, it definitely wasn’t the best day to be out in an open air stadium with Columbus being in 40 degree weather and FC Dallas not being the most star studded team to visit Crew stadium. Our superstar-less team can’t shoulder all the blame for the sub-10k crowd that went to go see the match though.

This is a franchise that had a whole movement trying to keep it from moving cities, and had tons of support when going after the former owner for his underhanded plan of relocating the Crew from Columbus to Austin. The support for the Crew online was enormous, it poured out en masse to condemn the owner, express support for the Columbus Crew, love for the team and city, and express suggestions attendance would get better to support the new ownership for saving the Crew. Heck, the amount of animosity created online for Anthony Precourt makes me think Austin may be the most disliked team in the league, and they haven’t even signed a player yet! In short, anyone who suggested there would be better attendance this year should be at that stadium personally, as no amount of #SaveTheCrew can replace butts in seats.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “He can’t shave the stache. He has to pluck it now” - /u/kmiltz7 referencing HoHead’s facial hair and his last minute miss. It might be the stache.

Did you get a chance to watch the game, or did St. Patty’s Day take you to an early late day nap? Did you pull your hair out watching us give the ball away on dozens of occasions? Was I a little harsh on their attendance considering we average their average? Let me know in the comments below!