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FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew SC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from FC Dallas’ road loss in Ohio

FC Dallas failed to pick up their first road win of the 2019 season on Saturday as they lost 1-0 to the Columbus Crew SC.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

On today’s result against Columbus Crew SC...It was disappointing. We gave up an early goal, and we’ve been training hard to neutralize that. We knew they were going to attack certain areas and we have to look at that. It shook us a little bit, and we were a little impatient with the ball. Then in the second half we weathered it and got through it, and we kept ourselves in the game, so I’ll give credit to the boys for overcoming a not-so-great first half. Second half we came out with a little bit more of a purpose with the ball to impose more. Whether it was through a counter or a build, we did it to get closer to their goal at the end. I have to be proud of our group and boys to push the game to the end and create eight or ten crosses in their area to be dangerous. We’ll learn and move forward, but the identity is forming in how we want to do things. Every game is going to be different, so we want to continue to improve our identity, and to certainly learn to run a play, set pieces, run counters, and make everything a moment to score on. We’re going to review and enjoy the process of growing and building.

On if there were any adjustment periods in the first half to try to get into the Columbus’ territory...Absolutely. They [Columbus Crew SC] take care of the ball well. They’ve got some individuals with great movement between lines and they showed it. It hurt us in the first half, but once we adjusted some things we were able to get on the ball some more, connect our passes, and be dangerous with that. It was a too little too late type of feeling. It’s still disappointing in that way, but I can be confident the way we ended that game is going to give us motivation for the next one.

On whether John Nelson has shown he is ready to play...We have a great competition at the left back position. I know Ryan has been there the last two games, and because of injury we slotted him to the right. Marquinhos came in and did well against L.A., and Nelson is in that competition. It’s good competition, and it’s good to see Nelson make his debut and show confidence and clarity on the ball, and to help us push the ball at the end.

On Pablo Aránguiz’s strong performance against Columbus Crew SC...I thought he came in and showed courage to create, take people on, get balls into the service, and show personality to make us be dangerous and get back into the game. It was very positive to see.

FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges

On FC Dallas’ second-half performance...

Yeah, I think we improved some things in the second half, we had more of the ball, more movement, more passing and we created some chances and it was better but it wasn’t good enough.

On John Nelson’s debut for FC Dallas...

It’s cool for him. His family was here. You could hear them in the stands. He came in and he’s a good player, he’s got a good left foot, he has good defensive instincts and I think he will be a guy who is in the league for a long time.

On passing Bobby Rhine’s in appearances for FC Dallas...

It’s a cool milestone but I’m just disappointed we didn’t get any points here on the road. It’s nice to pass Bobby Rhine, I mean he was a great player, you know, a legend in the club. But I was just worried about the result today.

On closing in on FC Dallas’ all-time appearance record...

I mean for me it doesn’t mean a whole lot, I just want to go out and win and play and do what I love to do. But it’s a cool thing to have your name up there in the top of the ranks for the club.

FC Dallas defender John Nelson

On making his MLS debut in his home state of Ohio...

It’s awesome, very good to make my debut in my home state, a lot of family and friends here so it was an awesome experience making my debut in my home state.

On what FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez told him before coming into the match...

[That] I was going in to try and make a difference, but really just enjoy it. It was my debut, my professional debut, big moment for me, so go in and enjoy it that’s all. I enjoyed it and I thought it went well.

On making two out of the first three match day rosters for FC Dallas...

Oh yeah, it’s been awesome, especially that I made the rosters. Any way that I can help the team is pretty much what I want to do, and I sub in and I want to make an impact, but yeah, the past three months have been [going] very well. The team has been very welcoming, like a family.

FC Dallas midfielder Pablo Aránguiz

On getting some minutes in today’s match...

Personally, it’s always good to gain [experience]. We left today wanting and at the end of the day we deserved a little bit more. In the first half, I think they were superior to us, and after the goal they were above us and it costs us.

On finding his form...Well, honestly I haven’t been on the field as much, but I still have the same expectations as last year to continue working to earn my spot on the starting lineup. We have a good group and head coach [Luchi Gonzalez] has shown us he wants to play a certain way, so we have to adapt to that plan.