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FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy: Highlights, stats and quotes

All the details from FC Dallas’ first win of the season.

MLS: LA Galaxy at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas picked up their first win of the season with a 2-0 win over the LA Galaxy.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on today’s win…I have to be happy as a coach, as one of their coaches, because they grew from the last game in terms of what we worked on during the week to improve with the ball, what we do with it, our shape and our transitions, and it led to us getting a win today. So I have to be really proud of the boys with their openness to be critical and then to take steps on how we want to play and what the idea is going into this game against LA, which we respect a lot. I know we were fortunate in terms of injury. They were missing two key guys, [Romain] Alessandrini and Zlatan [Ibrahimović], which is not easy, but we can’t control that, we have to move forward and prepare the best we can no matter who we confront. Absolutely happy with the boys and for me this is a step and we are going to be ready to compete next week, to form a roster, travel to Columbus and take the next step.

On Reggie Cannon’s injury…I don’t know too much details. It’s good that he’s moving, he’s not in the hospital so that’s a positive. The boot is there to keep the swelling down. It seems like some type of an ankle sprain. I’m really proud of him for trying to push through it at the half, and he tried to activate, and it was already swollen and sore, so credit to his bravery and credit to Marquinhos [Pedroso] to come at halftime and show the ability to integrate into the game quickly and help us get a result today.

Thoughts on Zlatan Ibrahimović not being on LA Galaxy’s roster in today’s match…Honestly, we approached the game the same exact way as if he was on or off the field. Obviously, there is some serious marking you have to do on service especially on the weak side because Zlatan [Ibrahimović] is a player that is very crafty in his movement in the box, he’s a physical presence, and he’s smart and confident. We prepared no matter what, and we were expecting him potentially playing up until we got the final roster that’s how much we needed to be ready. But the approaches for me were the same except for the moment that we put a lineup and said ‘look this is different, but that doesn’t mean we have to play any different.’ We have to respect every player that LA Galaxy has because they are quality.

Thoughts on Paxton Pomykal’s performance…Very good. Confident. Very clear transitional player that if we lose it, he’s helping us trying to get it back. Versatile. He can play deep in the midfield, high in the midfield, wide around the goal, so I’m very proud of him for him taking his steps.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Acosta

Feeling more comfortable within the squad...To be honest, since the first day I got here my teammates have helped me adapt and connect with the team. The group is awesome, there is a great coaching staff and training staff as well. It helps the player adapt better with team and I thank God for that.

On hoping to score more goals throughout the season...We’re going to go game by game to try and score more goals. I appreciate the hard work of my teammates and we go back to work again next the week.

On keeping possession and maintaining a good passing completion percentage...Like I said earlier, we work during the week to improve on that. It is something our coach [Luchi Gonzalez] wants and what the rest of us want as well. We want to have and keep the ball because we know the qualities of them, so we try and prepare to be ready for any situation.

The importance of the midfield having the ball more...I think the midfielders are the ones who move the ball a lot. Everyone on the field are important, but the three midfielders are the most vital ones for the team. We move the ball and make passes to distribute the ball to everyone else.

FC Dallas midfielder Paxton Pomykal

Thoughts on own performance and first start...Feels great to be able to start and contribute to the team and ultimately the importance of getting three points at home today. Four points in two games isn’t terrible at the end of the day and I’m looking forward to the next one against Columbus.

Thoughts on assist to [Bryan] Acosta’s goal…All credit to Acosta for having the technique and power to pull that off, what a goal.

What does this first win of the season mean for the club, being Luchi [Gonzalez]’s first one as well…It’s huge. Our first win as a team this season as well as Luchi [Gonzalez]’s as a professional head coach, so it’s a big confidence boost and showed that we have belief in our new concepts and style of play today.

Thoughts on Edwin Cerrillo’s debut…Both Reggie and Jessie played, as well as Edwin made his debut. I’m proud of him as he’s been working his butt off during preseason and proven what a great player he is.

FC Dallas midfielder Edwin Cerrillo

Thoughts on first debut as a professional…It may sound cheesy but it truly is a dream come true. It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for ever since I was a little kid to play professional soccer. The first step was obviously to sign my first professional contract and the next one was to make my debut. Thankful that the coach believed in me today and made that happen.

Stepping on the pitch for the very first time…Surreal to be honest. Nervous for the first two minutes but after that it started to feel more like at training and I started to get the confidence. Really happy with the minutes I got today.’’

FC Dallas defender Reto Ziegler

Thoughts on own performance and the teams…I’m really proud of my first goal of the season and wearing the captain armband, but the most important thing is the team effort and I’m really proud that we won today. We kept our composure with the ball and dominated LA, so it’s a deserved win.

On getting the shutout…As a defender I’m also very pleased with the clean sheet and we’re going to try and do this more often this season while still keeping our boots on the ground and knowing that it will take hard work to continue to earn wins.

Thoughts on locker room atmosphere and being Luchi [Gonzalez]’s first win as a head coach…We’re happy that we were able to provide him that as a team, as he really deserves it and have worked really hard to achieve it. Hopefully it will not be the last and we’re happy with the job he does and enjoys the tactics he wants us to play.

FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges

On the penalty kick decision…I was jumping up to head it and he basically kicked me right in the arm. That was probably the hardest I’ve ever been kicked.

On the team’s possession through the match…[Possession] is something that Luchi [Gonzalez]’s really stressed throughout the preseason process. In the first game, it was okay, but there were still sometimes where we could have done better. But I thought in this game, we really took control. A lot of the time we had the ball, we found good spaces and made them run a lot, especially in the second half. There were a lot of times where we had very long possessions and we could show how they were tiring out.

On getting the shutout…For the defensive line, the most important line is the zero. That’s what we focus on as our back four is we want to get the shutout. The goals will come, but we’re happy that we got the zero today.

On getting a win…It’s always positive with the win and start off the season strong with a couple points. Luchi [Gonzalez] brought a whole new attitude to the family.