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Fans From Afar 2019: Welcome, Coach Luchi

Don’t live in the DFW? We got you covered. Find out how you can follow the best team in Texas (and the world) this season.

MLS: Mobile Mini Sun Cup-FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders Jacob Snow-USA TODAY Sports

The new season starts with a bang on Saturday as FC Dallas welcomes the revolving door of defensive midfielders known as the New England Revolution.

Many of you will be at Toyota Stadium, stuffing nachos into your faces and enjoying 8 oz beers. Some of you will be proudly wearing your handmade taco kits as a sign of deep pride. Others will wave your scarves in the Texas air and wrap your flags around your necks in joy. You will shout and scream and sing and laugh and moan.

The rest of us will be squinting at iPhone and tablet screens to watch our beloved team from across vast (possibly interstellar) distances.

In unison, we will welcome Luchi Gonzalez in his first official MLS match as FC Dallas’ head coach. What a huge moment on Saturday!

If you are a fan from afar like me, planning to follow FC Dallas from some place other than the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex, the good news is that it’s easy and convenient to keep up with your beloved soccer team. Yes, it may mean watching games on your phone or from a computer screen in the quiet of your downstairs bathroom (don’t ask), but imagine being completely walled off from opportunities to scrutinize the body language of your favorite or least favorite players or tune in to catch every future Paxton Pomykal goal. With the internet, all things are possible.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

The Essentials

Number one, go get an ESPN+ subscription. Gone are the days of MLS Live, and in its place, ESPN+ is an affordable, feature rich celebration of soccer. On top of a smattering of leagues that you may or may not have interest in and a bunch of random rugby games and directional college basketball matchups, you can watch most Major League Soccer games for FC Dallas (especially if you are out of market). In addition, if you act now, USL coverage is also included, which will make your North Texas Soccer Club’s inaugural year watch parties a lot smoother.

You can always start with a seven-day free trial if you want to give it a go this weekend with making any sort of long term commitments (since some of you are so wishy washy).

All in all, ESPN+ is a great value, and the place to begin piecing together your Fans From Afar experience, even if you aren’t a Fan From Afar.

Other thoughts:

If you are local but struggle with driving several hours to Frisco (because seriously the DFW area is massive and sprawling), FC Dallas games will be broadcast on Texas 21 once again. This will cover 24 games of the season, so get your rabbit ears made out of tinfoil out or whatever it is you happen to use. Enjoy the local broadcast and local commercials.

Update: This came after I posted the article, but the FCDTV Network is back. Check the details of other locations getting live broadcasts of FC Dallas games:

FC Dallas will not be participating in CONCACAF Champions League this year, but you can apparently watch those games due to a deal with Yahoo!. Toronto already flamed out in disastrous fashion, so you may have missed the best part.

One more option - FC Dallas will have six games featured with Univision, and you can watch those matches on Twitter again for free. Awesome.

The MLSSoccer main website also rounds up a list of options, including some local streams and packages for other teams if you are into that sort of thing.

Additional Essentials

I know this can seem shameless, but Big D Soccer is your starting place for a bunch of great content on a weekly basis to broaden and deepen your knowledge about the greatest soccer team on earth. Our weekly features, commentary, hot takes, and polls will give you plenty of chances to moan, celebrate, ask questions, and share your passion. A good place to begin to stay up to date with our content is to follow BigD on twitter.

A reminder: You can always submit your own content on BDS, using fan shots or fan posts.

Your next option, which is probably just as good as BigD, is to follow the actual FC Dallas team accounts. FC Dallas continues to ramp up their presence on their website, on their Facebook page, and on their twitter account. I highly recommend FC Dallas’ media crew as well, including Gina Miller and Carter Baum, who always offer up unique takes and insights into what is going on with FC Dallas. They are both highly accessible, professional, and good natured.

And by the way, if FC Dallas keeps producing fun content like the fake jersey reveal, we are in for a solid year.

Where will you be watching from?

We are so grateful for all of our readers, especially our Fans From Afar, so please take a moment to sign in below and share other fun links and tips to make the most of your Fans From Afar experience. We need your wisdom.

  • If you can’t get Texas beer, what beverage of choice do you enjoy during an FC Dallas game?
  • Are you able to watch games live, or do you have to watch them later because of timezone issues?
  • What would make your Fans From Afar experience even better?
  • What podcasts or other sites do you enjoy to help keep you up to date with FC Dallas news?
  • What would you like to see from Big D Soccer this year?
  • Where are you watching from, and how did you begin to follow FC Dallas?