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Quick Burns: What is your expectation for FC Dallas this year?

What kind of team do we expect to see? One with a little more heart and a lot of young faces.

MLS: Mobile Mini Sun Cup-FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders Jacob Snow-USA TODAY Sports

We probably cannot understate our level of excitement for the new FC Dallas season ahead. Within the next 48ish hours, the guys will be taking the field for the first time under new manager Luchi Gonzalez. And because of this new level of excitement, our team is here to talk about 2019 season expectations.

No, we’re not exactly going to predict what is to come this year in this Quick Burns (check back tomorrow for our full staff predictions), but instead we’re offering up some ideas of what we expect to see out of this bunch in terms of how they will approach things in 2019.

Jack Rouse - Heart

More than I expect us to be good (I like Luchi too, but let’s temper our expectations for a new coach), I expect to see us fight. I want a change in mentality from the team that let 2 goal leads slip away and goes missing for a month at a time. I want a new culture that prioritizes youth. If Luchi can give me those things—which all indications are that he will—then I’ll be happy no matter the results.

Jeff Loftin - Subtle Change

I should preface this in saying that, while I expect subtle change I also expect there to be a non-trivial lack of a midseason drop-off. The team looks to be in pretty good shape, and the halftime adjustments, even if it is in preseason, have been a delight to see. I can’t promise I won’t completely change my tune come July, but at this point I expect to see some small things but nothing overt outwardly. Mental toughness takes time so that should develop over the season if it is going to become a team trait. No matter what I’m looking forward to it.

Nathan Hill - Youth Movement

I’m excited that this will be a season of change for FC Dallas, and while I expect a very competitive year and potential playoff spot, I would not be surprised if there are enough rocky moments that make securing that spot difficult. Those rocky moments will be about the growth of Coach Luchi and this team, including a cadre of youngsters who will take a next important step. Those steps in turn will open the door to more transfers and other young faces. So while FC Dallas may not contend for hardware, this season will be transformative, a catalyst to truly being a distinct brand of soccer and doing business in the “Dallas” way.

Drew Epperley - Let the youth run wild

While on paper there is a ton of youth to this team, they still have the main core that nearly got them to 60 points a year ago. But with that core is a new system and new look that should be exciting to see unfold. I think a playoff run is still doable even with all of this change but I’m hopeful that it is largely due to Luchi being able to use a lot of his former academy players.

Jose Carmona - Youthful Energy

While this team looks to have gotten younger, and some people expect some kind of drop off, I don’t expect a drop off at all. The young players that will get their minutes this season, have been successful at every level they have ever played. I expect that this team will have a youthful energy that we haven’t really seen before. There are many weaknesses to relying on your youths, but with the right group, there can be one huge advantage. That advantage is that some younger players feel they are invincible, they don’t know how to lose, and fully expect to get on the field and continue their winning ways. I believe that those are the kind of players we’ll see on the field, and they will bring a youthful frenetic energy and pace to the team, that will drive everyone mad with excitement when FCD wins, and mad with worry whenever the team loses. Either way, we are in for one wild youthful ride this season.

What are you expectations this year? Let us know below.