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FC Dallas unveils new secondary kit for 2019

The clean kit has a nice nod to the city’s architecture.

The moment is finally here as FC Dallas has put the “Stars at Night” kit into the sunset with the reveal of their new secondary kit this evening, “The Reunion” kit. The club debuted the new kit on Tuesday night at the iconic Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas.

The new kit brings a fresh and clean look to the club’s available kit options for 2019. The kit is a solid tribute to the architecture in Dallas.

The beauty is really in the details of this one as the all-white design has some simple details that should stand out nicely in person.

This marks the first time that FC Dallas has an all-white secondary kit since the club was the Dallas Burn in the 2004 season. Previously, the secondary kit would be a mix of white, blue or grey.

What do you make of this year’s kit? Happy to see a change like this or disappointed that there isn’t more going on with it?