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Quick Burns: What is at the top of FC Dallas’ shopping list for 2020?

It is time for holiday shopping, so what is at the top of FC Dallas’ list? We have some answers.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we’re in December, and the rumors are starting to swirl in left and right. It feels like the perfect time to discuss what we think is at the top of the FC Dallas shopping list this winter for the 2020 season.

Our staff has their thoughts here, but let us know what you want to see at the top of the list below in the comments section.

Ben Lyon- Moving trucks

It appears that there’s probably a lot more than just smoke on these potential additions. Combine that with the fact that FC Dallas has already traded for Fafa Picault, and the roster is full at 30 players. FC Dallas can’t add anyone else- another premium striker, homegrowns, draft players, or anything else the heart desires- until players are sold, traded, loaned, or bought out. My best guess is that FCD is looking for about 4-5 moving trucks at the moment to help clear out a neatly organized but packed garage.

Update: There’s the first truck.

El Chico Carmona - Big boy pants

FCD proved that they could win and make the playoffs while playing the kids. FCD also proved that kids can't win games away from home while playing kids. No, you need gritty veterans to win on the road. So, FCD needs to find and sign a handful of veteran players to supplement the youngsters.

Not just any veterans will do. Some of the outgoing veterans, voiced a displeasure of losing minutes to the kids. So the veterans that FCD brings in must both be capable starters, and good locker room guys who understand and accept that the kids will get significant minutes at their expense. Players similar to Cobra, Reto, and Hollingshead who are helpful both on and off the pitch. Players who have a team first mentality and go out of their way to help the very same kids that are taking up their minutes on the field.

Nathan Hill - Next Level Coaching

With young players and veterans mixing it up to take this FC Dallas team to a championship level, I expect new faces and roster changes. We’ve had enough rumors and action to suggest those things are underway. In addition then, I’d love to see the coaching staff continue to grow and find ways to motivate this team and employ their skills to the fullest effect. What kind of expertise and skill training will help these youth unlock their potential and prepare for Europe? How can FCD take the next step across the whole organization?

Ryan Scanlon - A String Puller

There’s rumors out of Brazil that we’re buying a couple of midfielders, but if those turn out to be false, then we absolutely need someone in the midfield that can do the things Mauro Diaz and David Ferreira could do for us. And if your argument is that we already have Paxton Pomykal, then my argument is who’s pushing him for his spot? What if he goes down for a couple games with a knock? Get me a midfield string puller for Christmas, please Dan Hunt. Either that or a striker that can actually hit the broadside of a barn.

Jason Poon - Raw 17 year old winger

Gimme someone like Fabian Castillo when he was first brought to the league. Dallas has lots of depth and in the form of youth and homegrowns, so there isn’t really much else to add at this point. So I’ll take a very raw, dynamic and exciting player with loads of potential. High risk/high reward type to really get the home crowd excited. I want lots of step overs and feints coming from this guy. Think of it like a smart speaker. Nobody really needs one, they’re stupidly unreliable but still fun and highly amusing for children. Gimme one of those.

Jack Rouse - Star Striker

I liked what I saw out of Jesus as a 10, but I’m not totally sold on the rest of the situation up top. Yeah, Cobra got hot at the end of last season, but I’m still not ready to hand the spot over to him without competition. No position can win you more games on your own than a striker that puts away their chances. It sure was refreshing when Cobra did it, so let’s bring in a guy who can do that twenty or so times a season.

Drew Epperley - Someone to move the needle

I really like most of what Luchi Gonzalez has to work with in 2020 in terms of who is currently on the roster and the potential of some guys from North Texas coming up and transfers coming in, its all solid. But in this day and age in MLS, you need that one guy that puts you over the top. A guy that win games for you when you need them to the most. And while we’re at it, a guy that moves the needle enough to get more butts in seats to watch this fun, energetic and youthful team.

Scott Hiney – First-choice attacking midfielder

This probably crosses over a bit with what Drew and Ryan have outlined, but I still am skeptical that Paxton Pomykal has what it takes — at his age — to be the full-time number ten for this squad. With that being the case, giving Luchi a true playmaker to run the attack would bridge the remaining gap. I love what Paxton will eventually bring to that position, but his fitness is still developing, as is his consistency — something all young players struggle with.

I don’t like having to slot Jesus Ferriera into that role when Pomykal is unavailable or playing elsewhere on the pitch, so being able to turn to mid-to-high-level playmaker like a Lee Nguyen, Mark-Anthony Kaye or Wil Trapp -type would be a major boost to an attack that had its share of fits and starts last season.