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By The Numbers: FC Dallas will have the toughest start to the season in recent memory

More away games than home games to kick off 2020

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve done an initial look at the FC Dallas 2020 schedule, along with the five must see home matches too and now that the initial excitement has died down a little, we take a look at what it all means.

Dallas has historically been a home heavy team to start the season. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect a large part of that is the climate during March tends to favor Dallas much more than northern cities. That also helps Dallas a bit since it gets brutally hot in Texas rather quickly once May comes around, so being able to stack more home games for the Dallas fans while the weather is more palatable is certainly ideal.

This favorable schedule during the opening weeks of the season makes things a lot easier for Dallas to get off a hot start as they have done in recent memory. However, the 2020 schedule no longer favors Dallas, at least not in the same way it has in the past. Dallas will start the opening two months with more away games than before.

Here’s a look at how Dallas opening two months have looked by year:

Home/Away Schedule

Year Home Away
Year Home Away
2014 6 2
2015 5 3
2016 5 5
2017 4 3
2018 5 2
2019 5 4
2020 3 5

(Above table shows number of games at home vs away before the month of May.)

Dallas has been able to turn the early stages of the season into strong starts, as their records below indicate:

FC Dallas Early Results

Year Win Loss Draw Points PPG
Year Win Loss Draw Points PPG
2014 5 2 1 16 2.00
2015 4 2 2 14 1.75
2016 5 3 2 17 1.70
2017 4 0 3 15 2.14
2018 3 1 3 12 1.71
2019 5 2 2 17 1.89

Dallas of course eventually regressed to the mean, and things generally tapered off over the summer after a hot start.

Luchi Gonzalez’s team was not good on the road last year (3-11-3) relatively average compared to the rest of the league. Only the Chicago Fire (2) and the Houston Dynamo (2) had fewer road wins, but to be fair 7 other teams also only had three road wins in 2019 too. For another marker, LAFC only had 8 road wins during their 72pt season.

But this does potentially spell trouble for FC Dallas and the start of their 202 campaign if they continue their road woes from 2019 where they averaged 0.71 points per game. Of course, it’s new year, new team but don’t be shocked if Dallas finds themselves near the bottom of the table to start the campaign before climbing themselves back into the playoffs as the season ends.

Which, who knows? Dallas has kind of limped their way into the post season in the past half decade and haven’t had much success there. So maybe having more home games towards the end of the season will give Dallas the chance to build the momentum they need to maka serious run for the MLS Cup?