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Quick Burns: The top FC Dallas moment of the last decade

The decade has been defined by some great moments in FCD history.

MLS: FC Dallas at LA Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

It feels weird to say but the end of the decade is upon us here. The last ten years have been a wild ride for any FC Dallas fan from the MLS Cup trip that kicked the decade off, all the way to this past season that saw #LuchiGang become a thing.

Our staff has listed out their top moment of the decade. What was your top moment from the last ten years? Let us know below.

Ben Lyon- The Academy Double

2016 was obviously a big year for the club. It’s still the year FCD became the only MLS team to get 60 points out of a season in back to back years. It was the year the club brought home two trophies after an extremely long dry spell. There were a lot of reasons to be stoked about the future in 2016 until it ultimately unraveled in the fall. The fall of 2016 was really bad.

That said, earlier in the summer the academy teams pulled off unprecedented feats in Los Angeles. The U16s spanked the Galaxy academy on their own turf, and a Weston McKennie-less U18 team came from behind to defeat an Alphonso Davies-less Vancouver side to deliver an unprecedented double for the academy.

While the U16s victory was a dominant display of talent and style, the nightcap with the U18s was a testament to ‘Busca la Forma’ and pure will. After falling behind 1-0 early, the U18s pushed for a late equalizer and won the game in extra time but only after surviving some scary counterattacks backstopped by Gerry Howard, who was forced into duty after Ben Hale injured his knee. While Gerry, from my understanding, is no longer a competitive player, he’ll always have that evening to remember as the time he was the consummate hero at the tender age of 15.

While Gerry moved on to different ventures, 4 players on that team have moved on to the pros. 3 of them (Hector Montalvo, Reggie Cannon, Paxton Pomykal) have been under contract with FC Dallas or North Texas SC. Eddie Munjoma may be soon to follow. The U16s from that year have had 5 players (Brecc Evans, Bryan Reynolds, Carlos Avilez, Jesus Ferreira, and Brandon Servania) who have played significant minutes for the organization, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility there will be others to follow.

That to me was the obvious and not so obvious moment of the decade for the club. It was a testament to what they were doing with youth development with a side dish of trophies, a preview of what the current iteration of the club’s players have to offer, and a capstone achievement for the dude who’s now the senior team coach. It’s amazing how good we had it before November 2016.

Jason Poon - Bringing Oscar Back

Same with Ben, the 2016 Double for the first team is an obvious choice. No doubt my colleagues will say the same and it was completely deserving. For me though it was prying Oscar Pareja back from Colorado at the beginning of the 2014 season. Everything for this club changed at that point. This club’s identity (#PlayTheKids) was born and solidified with Pareja taking the reins.

Drew Epperley - So many to choose from

For me this decade has been a bunch of highs and lows when watching FC Dallas. From the Buttered Leather and the 2010 MLS Cup run, to the change of the guard in brining Oscar Pareja back from Colorado to lead the team, up to this past year with another change of the guard in hiring Luchi Gonzalez and the major youth movement.

I think in the end it still comes down to watching the many, many times over the decade that FC Dallas got the best of their rivals Houston. Either it was the Kenny Cooper goal at the death, or a wild shot from David Texeira, or more recently with this year’s hammering at home to reclaim El Capitan.

Nathan Hill - The Shield

Despite the fact that a small number of fans might overlook it, FC Dallas earned serious hardware in 2016, both an Open Cup and Supporter’s Shield victory. While the Open Cup was certainly an incredible moment (I was there), bringing home the Shield marked that team as the best in MLS. Looking back, it’s not like that team was overflowing with high-priced foreign superstars, so doing it in the Dallas way made it more sweet. FC Dallas showed that one can win in this league without gambling on aging foreign superstars. Dallas certainly still wants to bring home the MLS cup someday, but 2016 was a huge payoff after years of drought.

Jeff Loftin - Losing MLS Cup 2010

I'm going to go in a different direction here and say the Schellas regime NOT winning that game was critical to having the team we all love today. Had the team won that day then it is doubtful that we are sitting here now with the same outlook. For all the academy successes, the US Open Cup and Supporters Shield, the biggest takeaway and my most important memory is that loss.

Jose Carmona - The Shield

I'm going to go ahead and agree with Nathan, but only so I can remind everyone about something that everyone forgets.

In 2016, FCD won the Shield, and did so while participating in 3 simultaneous competitions. FCD would go on to win all 3 competitions, those being The USOC, The Shield, and CONCACAF Group H.

The 2016 team, was not the deapest of teams, but no other team best embraced Pareja's " Busca La Forma" philosophy. To the tune of winning 3 competitions, in the same year.