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An FC Dallas Fan’s Guide to Watching the MLS Cup

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Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC face off for the MLS Cup on Sunday. Two teams enter, one team leaves.

MLS: MLS Cup-Portland Timbers vs Atlanta United FC Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

An FC Dallas Fan Guide to Watch the MLS Cup

On Sunday, November 10, the 2019 Major League Soccer season comes to a dramatic close as the Seattle Sounders host Toronto FC at 2:00 PM CST to settle this year’s MLS Cup.

Two teams enter, one team leaves. (In this case, literally, since one team is playing at home.)

The game will be available on ABC and Univision, making it an accessible event for neutral fans and curious onlookers like us Dallas fanatics. There’s almost no reason to not watch the action. The Dallas Cowboys don’t play until the evening (which you may or may not care about). The Mavericks aren’t scheduled on Sunday either. What else are you going to do with your Sunday afternoon? Watch Netflix? Please. (Note: Disney+ doesn’t launch until November 12 too, so you can hold off on your Pixar binge for a few days longer.)

The Lowdown

If this matchup feels familiar, it’s because it is. Seattle and Toronto have faced each other three times in the past four years for the MLS Cup crown. Parity is working in Major League Soccer. Yes, it can feel a little exhausting to see these two teams vie for the penultimate prize again… and again… and again. It’s kind of like watching a re-run of some old show only to realize it’s a reboot. Wait, didn’t Michael Bradley’s character get killed off during the last World Cup Qualifying round?

Still, both teams deservedly clawed their way to the championship game. Toronto FC beat Atlanta in Atlanta after a ho hum run through the Easter Conference bracket, which is no small feat. (Note: FC Dallas also beat Atlanta United in Atlanta.) Seattle put away league darlings Los Angeles FC, denying Bob Bradley a chance to finally teach his son a lesson about being a champion or why you don’t talk back to your dad. The only team that really gave Seattle a problem was none other than our beloved FC Dallas, pushing the Sounders to 120 minutes of extra time action in their house, forcing Jordan Morris to perform various acrobatic trick shots to score, and asking referees and VAR to look the other way from potential game altering penalty shouts.

Though, all of that would have been moot if BRYAN ACOSTA HAD JUST PASSED THE DAMN BALL TO SANTIAGO MOSQUERA!

Here’s where I am going with this. FC Dallas is the ascendant team. If Seattle wins, it means FC Dallas is better than the MLS Cup winners.

It’s science.

Additional fact: If Toronto FC wins the cup, Michael Bradley’s $6.5 million dollar contract automatically gets extended one year. Nice.

How to Prepare

Watching a MLS Cup on live TV is a good time. Do you know any other soccer fans? Send them an email or text message and invite them to come over to your place. Clean up your house. Wipe down the couch. Put an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. Order some delicious food or prepare a pot of chili. Heck, if it’s your kind of thing, proudly display your signed FC Dallas scarves and t-shirts. Make it an event. Put on some pants. Take a photo or two. Savor it.

And of course, you’ll need beer (or an appropriate substitute). If you want to go native, you can try to find some Seattle beer, but I think the stuff is banned in Texas. I might have seen some Elysian Brewing beer once or twice, but your pickings may be slim. (Post your ideas below.) Likewise, Toronto beer may be a crapshoot, but you can always turn to the dependable Molson Canadian. If those don’t pan out, go for Deep Ellum Brewery’s Dream Crusher. It’s strong and hoppy and fitting since one of these teams will have their dreams crushed.

Before the game, you might check out one of’s four live preview shows to help you figure out what’s at stake. What are the intriguing plot lines for the match? Who needs to have a big game? Which coach has the edge? How many times will Bobby Warshaw roll his eyes at something Matt Doyle says? Which recently retired MLS player will get a chance to audition for a permanent gig with the main office in New York?

These guys know their kickball.

Finally, enjoy some soccer. Soccer in America is a good thing, and it deserves our attention even if we couldn’t care less about the two teams vying for the title. We send a signal that there are plenty of fans who aren’t as interested in the NFL or NBA or NHL or whatever, and we want to see more soccer on live tv.

And, it’s the last MLS action we will see for a while. Why not, right?


I’m going with Seattle in this one. They are the less banged up team, and they will have home cooking on their side. Overall, look for a scrappy, tense game as both teams try to keep things tight at the back. Seattle takes advantage of a miscue from Toronto and puts away a goal midway through the first half. Toronto will rebound and make things interesting, but I think it’s too much for them. If Jozy Altidore plays, he goes down with a hamstring injury, and Omar Gonzalez gets a red card for bringing his saxophone on the field.

Seattle: 2, Toronto: 1

Questions for Our Loyal Readers

  • What’s your prediction?
  • Any preferred beer/cheese pairings for this viewing?
  • Probability that Matt Doyle goes on a rant about winning the ball in the midfield?
  • Braum’s fries are better than Whataburger’s fries. Discuss below.