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Comparing 2020 Season Ticket Prices Across MLS

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Who’s got the best deal in the league?

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As per usual, some caveats before we dive in:

  1. These are prices for the Supporter’s Section behind the goal. Several teams have Supporter’s Section in various parts of the stadium too, but in order to make a more apples-to-apples comparison, I’ve selected the same seating section.
  2. Prices reflect if you became a season ticket holder in 2020. Many clubs offer grandfathered prices if you were with them from the beginning (Atlanta) or the year before (Houston, Toronto, etc.) Those grandfathered prices are not reflected here.
  3. Prices are in USD.
  4. Prices are just for tickets. Some clubs require a membership fee (Houston) before you can even buy tickets. Those fees are not reflected here either.
  5. Keep in mind that each club offers a different benefits like scarves, parking spots, discounts at the stadium, or extra games. It was a little complicated to factor all those in, so I opted to leave those out too. So some season tickets will include USOC games too, while others will not.
  6. Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Minnesota United’s Dark Clouds Supporters for assisting me.

If last year was any indication on how things will go this year, I’m sure 75% of you did not bother to read the disclaimers above. But alas, it still needs to written.

And like previous years, I want to start these by pointing out several clubs for the experience of doing this research and the level of effort required to gather all the info. Some clubs were fantastic disclosing the information and making it really easy to find, some were fine, some were annoying and one in particular was downright exasperating.

Get over yourselves: Toronto FC

In years past I had to dig through Reddit and message boards to find this information. Prices are not listed on TFC’s website, and if you call or email the ticket office they will not give that information out either because they “don’t sell tickets in this section to the general public.”

Thanks for nothing

Unfortunately, I was unable to dig up this information despite reaching out to several sources. Maybe more information will become available at later date.

Toronto, you’re a cool city and have a cool club... but geez. Get over yourselves here.

Ugh, Come On: Houston, LAFC, DC United

All three of these clubs required me to contact their ticket office. DC United was oddly still running 2019 information, but that may have been updated by the time of this writing. But they responded to my request within 10 minutes with all the information I needed. So I’ll give them credit for that.

LAFC also required me to contact their ticket office. I got the information just fine, but again, it’s a little annoying to have to that in 2019.

Houston.... good lord.

WTH even is this?

Besides this color scheme being a giant cluster fork, they also had the prices not just listed by month but also in 10 months. I mean, I guess it’s pretty easy to multiply things by 10, but still.

And yes, they didn’t include any information about the Supporter’s Section and required me to contact them. If you’re sensing a trend that I get really annoyed when I have to do extra work here, then you are correct! It’s almost 2020. Everything should be an Alexa command away:

“Alexa, what are the season ticket prices for [insert team name]?”

That’s really about all the work I want to do here.

Not bad: Seattle, Portland, Inter Miami

Seattle and Portland get a bump on their grading from previous years since they publicly disclosed their pricing on their website this time around. I’ve had to dig or contact their front office for this information before and I would always get put in Portland’s mailing list and it would take me half a season to unsubscribe. So... improvement!

Miami was pretty good with divulging their information. I’m not sure if that’s because they were actually pretty decent or because I had extremely low expectations and expected some other dumpster shirt balls of a graphic.

Not bad Miami. Not bad at all.

The color scheme is rough on the eyes, but it was meant to be so that it would be easier to differentiate the sections and prices. Then of course, I appreciated them marking the “Supporters” section really clearly. A little annoying that they listed prices by match, but I appreciated some simplicity.

The Shrimp Scampi*: Nashville

(*You may have noticed some references here to “The Good Place”. If you don’t watch “The Good Place” - shame on you, but Shrimp Scampi is good. It’s a good thing.)

The last year two years this title went to FC Dallas, which I’m aware feels like a homer pick. And I was about to pick Dallas again as their site was delightfully simple again.... until they decided to mess with it and require you to select your section before divulging the information. More clicks = fall in the rankings.

Come on. Don’t make me click a bunch of places to get pricing info.

Anyways, onto the winner!

The winner!

Nashville wins for their very easy to read graphic, clear and simple color scheme, quick explanations of each section and of course, breaking down the cost in both per game and full-season. It took me 3 seconds to figure out what I needed, and for that, the expansion side is the winner for 2020.

Now for the data:

SG Season Ticket Prices by Club

SG Season Ticket Prices (High to Low)

Club Supporter's Section Prices
Club Supporter's Section Prices
Toronto -
Atlanta $558
DC United $520
Sporting KC $500
Portland $475
NYCFC $442
Seattle $441
Chicago $425
Miami $425
Nashville $425
NYRB $420
Philadelphia $414
Minnesota $410
Vancouver $402
San Jose Earthquakes $400
Columbus $391
Orlando $391
LAFC $374
LA Galaxy $374
FC Dallas $370
Montreal $360
NE Revolution $345
Colorado $329
Cincinnati $325
Houston $300
Real Salt Lake $216

Again, bear in mind that each club offers various benefits that may make their packages more appealing. For example, Montreal’s includes the first round of the CONCACAF Champions League which is pretty impressive.

I should also note that Chicago’s pricing is a November special. Depending on when you read this, the price may have changed.

The average season ticket price is $400. Do what you will with that information.

SG Season Ticket Prices by Club (Low to High)

Perhaps the most surprising piece of information was LAFC. I fully expected them to jack up their price after their inaugural season ($374), but they opted to hold that price. If it’s a direct shot at LA Galaxy - keeping prices the same as their in city rivals - then well played.

FC Dallas did do a small price increase from $360 to $370 for 2020, which isn’t bad at all.

What do you guys think? Are season tickets to FC Dallas worth it to you? Does knowing it’s cheaper than the league average make you think it’s more valuable now?