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East Stand View: Great Last Home Game

Last home game of the regular season, hope you didn’t miss it.

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to believe that the last game of the regular season was already upon us. It was also a do-or-die game for FC Dallas, as results elsewhere could mean we were done for the season. It was a hot day in Frisco, Texas as you were walking up to the stadium, but the weather changed for the better while the game went on. I’ve found the magic of parking on the south side of the stadium, I shall share the secret with you below. Finally, there’s a big difference of when your team scores the 1st goal of the match, and when they score their 6th goal of the match. I’ll explain.

1st Goal vs 6th Goal

When you’re in a win or (possibly, depending on results) go home game, that first goal is an amazing experience. The nervousness of watching the game gets slightly alleviated as Cobra runs onto a hoofed ball and slots it past the goalkeeper. The crowd went absolutely insane. Not only was it a relief to hit first against this rival, but it was this season’s fan favorite Cobra grabbing the goal. His passion this season has endeared him to the fans, and his recent form has given the Hoop faithful that maybe this is finally our striker. We didn’t look back from that moment, and we just kept scoring...

Maybe the hotter weather had an effect on everyone, or maybe it was that a good number of people had started leaving once the fifth goal was in the back of the net to beat the traffic, but that sixth goal didn’t have the same reaction from the fans. You could tell, even by the fifth goal, some of the crowd was like “oh, look another goal.” Or possibly they were more shocked and weren’t sure they should be cheering the decimation occurring on that field. Whether it was politeness, or just smaller crowd by the end, the sixth goal was sort of a ‘meh’ celebration from the stands than the first was. Which is unfortunate because it’s harder to score six than one.

The Weather/Parking

The forecast was shaky for the game Sunday. At one point it showed showers during the game, another report said cold front would be hitting during the game. What we got before the game was a fresh slap of hotness that would make even the most warm blooded person sweat. Towards the end though, overcast began to creep in giving periods of relief to fans that were left baking in the sun for the first half. Parking in a parking garage definitely helped keeping the car out of the hot sun though. There’s a couple of parking garages on the south side of the stadium that (AS FAR AS I KNOW) seem like just public two hour parking. Which is perfect because that’s normally how long games are. I am not responsible for your car getting towed, but I definitely recommend checking out the parking garages in downtown Frisco the next time you go to an FC Dallas game.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “If only the Cowboys were playing as well as FC Dallas” - Just a reminder that the other Dallas football team was playing as well.

Have you known about this parking garage this whole time and not told me? Did you cheer less during the 6th goal, or had you already left/turned off the TV by the time it was scored? Are you sad the regular season is already over? Let me know in the comments below!