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FC Dallas vs Sporting Kansas City: Match Predictions

All the play for FC Dallas on #DecisionDay

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City Peter G. Aiken

#DecisionDay is here for FC Dallas, with the 2019 campaign on the line as they host Sporting Kansas City as Dallas tries to clinch their spot into the post-season. After a flat and disappointing performance last weekend against Colorado, Dallas were gifted with several results going in their favor and are still very much in control of their playoff lives at this point. Win and they’re in. Draw or loss, and Dallas will tempt fate once again and need few results to fall in their favor.

The staff are continuing to make picks this season and we’re going with a simple points system, plus a slight twist:

Correct Result Prediction: 1pt

Correct Score: 2pts

Insightful commentary: +Bonus (admittedly this will be a bit arbitrary depending on accuracy, insight and creativity).

Here are our current standings:

2019 BigDSoccer Prediction Standings

Position Name Point Total
Position Name Point Total
1 Jason Poon 29
2 Ryan Scanlon 29
3 Nathan Hill 26
4 Mohammad Bushnaq 23
5 Ben Lyon 23
6 Jack Rouse 21
7 Steve Machine 15
8 Jeff Loftin 13
9 Drew Epperley 12
10 Jose Carmona 9
11 Andrew Gentry 8
12 Scott Hiney 5
13 Preston Wetherington 4
14 Jared Tilley 2

Here are our staff predictions against SKC:


Name Result for FCD FCD Score Opposition Score Commentary
Name Result for FCD FCD Score Opposition Score Commentary
Ben Lyon Win 2 1 The smug comments from Sounders fans this week...
Jack Rous Win 2 0 How do they do it? Ricardo Pepi
Jason Poon Loss 0 2 It's been fun but I'm not seeing a way out of Seattle with a win.
Jeff Loftin Loss 1 2 Close loss after controversial play at the other end which mysteriously doesn't get VAR treatment.
Mohammad Bushnaq Loss 1 2 Valiant effort but Dallas falls short in the Pacific NW for their revenge bid.
Nathan Hill Draw 2 2 FC Dallas advance on PKs and claim the Cascadia Cup. Goals from Jara and Pepi.
Ryan Scanlon Loss 1 3 Seattle’s quality and combination play will be too much for FC Dallas which will not let us get away with what we pulled off against Portland. Michael Barrios gives us a glimmer of hope with a goal before Jordan Morris and Nick Lodeiro put this out of reach.

What do y’all think? Can Dallas finally see things through and get the job done this afternoon? Is Dallas still going to fall into the playoffs thanks to some results around the league? Or is this going to be one of those years (Hi, 2017) where just enough things go against Dallas’ way and dooms Dallas into an early off-season?