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MLS announces offseason roster mechanisms

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The old Re-Entry Draft is now...a Process.

MLS: Toronto FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer today announced the dates and updated details for the 2019 postseason roster mechanisms for FC Dallas and the rest of the league to help build out their 2020 rosters.

Following a 10-week roster freeze, clubs will have the opportunity to participate in a two-and-a-half-day trade window that opens the day after MLS Cup on Nov. 11 (12 pm CT), and closes on Nov. 13 (7 pm CT). The expanded window this season provides MLS clubs an additional two days to complete transactions prior to a blackout period whereby clubs may no longer make roster moves in anticipation of the 2019 MLS Expansion Draft.

The Expansion Draft, something FC Dallas will not have to worry about this time around, takes place on November 19 at 4 pm CT. Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC may select up to five players each from the eligible player list, which will be made available on November 16.

Following the Expansion Draft, clubs will have an additional two days to make final determinations on their rosters prior to a Nov. 21 option exercise deadline.

On Nov. 22, MLS will release the list of players eligible for each of the postseason roster mechanisms, including the End-of-Year Waivers, Free Agency, and the Re-Entry Process.

Both the End-of-Year Waiver and Free Agency will begin on November 25. Both list of eligible players will be made available on November 22.

The Re-Entry Process (aka the Re-Entry Draft) will begin with Stage One on November 26. Here is how those players will be eligible:

  • Players who are at least 23 years old, have a minimum of three service years, and their contract options were not exercised by their clubs. These players will be available at their 2019 option salary.
  • Players who are at least 25 years old, have a minimum of four service years, are out of contract, and their clubs do not wish to re-sign them at their previous salary. These players are available for at least their 2019 salary.
  • Free Agents that choose to participate.

Stage Two of this process will be on December 3. Not all unselected Stage 1 players will be available for selection as players may re-sign with their previous club between stages or may opt out of the process.