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Quick Burn: What is your New Year wish for FC Dallas?

Happy New Year! Join in the conversation as a few writers share their wishes for FC Dallas.

MLS: Chicago Fire at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year when we make promises to slim down, bulk up, eat better, live better, have more fun, or just be less of a jerk.

But what about your beloved soccer team?

What is your New Year’s wish for FC Dallas?

Nathan Hill - Become THE team for young players

The more I think about it, the more I hope FC Dallas plays up on its youth movement, new head coach, and academy to leverage itself as the premier team in North America for youth players. This doesn’t just mean being up front about developing and selling players to leagues abroad. It also isn’t limited to playing more youngsters on the field or through the new North Texas Soccer Club. I hope the team makes the youth movement a key part of their success through all marketing channels, playing up these youngsters, their promise, and the excitement of the sport at this moment in the US. Make game days a celebration of families with exhibitions and “hands-on” activities for boys and girls to participate and explore the game. Lay out the values that Luchi Gonzalez has vowed to instill in his players and why these values cross large swathes of North Texas’ multi-cultural communities. Make FC Dallas the preferred team for youngsters to chart their course for a professional future.

Jeff Loftin - No midseason slump

I am not sure I can express in words how desperately I want the club to NOT go through yet another slump during the summer months. Yes, there will be turnover and there will be rough patches but those should not be happening during July and August, at least I sure hope they aren’t happening at that point.

Jason Poon - Win with the kids

It doesn’t have to be trophies, but notching a significant amount of wins will suffice. To semi-quote Luchi, this team needs to be brave and they will be brave. That involves taking risks and playing the kids more than usual. The only way to sell this method to the fan base will be to win some games or at least be competitive.

Jared Tilley - More Appreciative players

I want the whole team to come over and clap towards us fans at the end of the season instead of just a handful of players... Totally kidding, I don’t care about any of that. What I do want is another playoff team (even if it’s the 6 seed), with a couple of games that will be fun to look back on in the years to come (similar to the Atlanta or SKC away games last year). I’m not expecting MLS Cup, but a couple big games will go a long way in the enjoyment of the season as well as the growth of the younger players.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Stay Competitive Despite Change

Sure, it is easy to go with some extravagant gift that you and I both know we are not going to get, so why not choose something that is more likely? I want FC Dallas to be competitive this year, to make the playoffs, despite the revolving door at World Cup Way. That is not too much to ask for, right? Change is happening in Frisco, whether it is for the better or worse is yet to be determined. Selfishly, I hope the team can continue to change and still find a way to be successful this year. Change can cause slumps and I want nothing to do with that. I have been spoiled by some aspect of competitive soccer during the Papi years, and I hope Luchi kicks some tail and keeps this team fighting for a chance to sneak in and make some noise in the post-season.

Jack Rouse - An Identity

Whether it’s becoming the team for youth players in America, playing beautiful possession soccer, or just knowing how to work a counter, I want FC Dallas to make a name for itself in 2019. With the arrival of Luchi Gonzalez, no time is better than now for Dallas to come up with a plan and stick to it. Historically, Dallas’ roster moves and tactics on the field never amounted to a coherent strategy but I’m excited to see if Luchi can put together the pieces a little differently and make a name for FCD.

Drew Epperley - Give us a picture into the future

Whatever that may end up being, I want a team that we know who they are and what they represent day in and day out. I would like to see this team go through the growing pains with a new manager and find out exactly what these young guys are truly made of too. It may not be pretty at times but it should give us a good glimpse of where things are going, which should be exciting.