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MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas

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By The Numbers: Distance Traveled by All MLS Teams

Hope the players have all opened accounts to accumulate those miles!

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A little while ago Scott Hiney did the good work of calculating up the total distance traveled by FC Dallas this year when the 2019 schedule dropped. It was pretty sobering to look at considering that if Dallas did all of their playing with Southwest, then every player would qualify for Southwest’s A-List program on those flights alone.

This got me thinking about what about this for the rest of the league? ~36,000 miles is a lot, but how’s that compared to other teams and which teams have it easiest in terms of travel, and who’s got it the worst? (Spoiler: it’s Vancouver.)

Before I reveal the total distance traveled, here are some caveats to consider which based on my Supporter’s Section Prices piece, a good chunk of you will not bother reading, but it’s still worth noting.

  1. These are distances from airport to airport, not stadium to stadium.
  2. This just accounts for the regular season. So no Cup games, pre-season, friendlies or playoffs.
  3. I’m assuming and calculating for teams to take direct flights. There will be times when a bus is more practical, but for simplicity, I’m assuming everyone will be flying.
  4. I am also assuming teams will head back home after the game. There will be times when teams will just stay gone because they have a mid week game followed by a Sunday game. I’m not accounting for that because I’m not their Team Administrator and frankly, that’s just a ridiculous amount of work to factor in.
  5. Also, I’m using a different tool to measure distance than what Scott used. There’s a slight variation on what he quoted (36,816) and mine (36,688) but that’s a difference of less than 1%. If you’re going to get up in arms about that, then this post isn’t for you and you should also see a counselor.

Going the Distance

Distance traveled (miles) by team
Distance by most to least

Unsurprisingly, Vancouver will have the most distance to cover in 2019, nearly doubling Columbus’ miles traveled.

Here it is in table form if that’s easier for you to look at.

MLS Team Distance Traveled

Team Distance
Team Distance
ATL 36094
CHI 30638
CIN 27582
COL 34038
CLB 25862
DAL 36688
DCU 27566
HOU 42322
LAFC 48188
LAG 45860
MIN 36892
MTL 36376
NER 36536
NYC 31190
NYRB 31826
ORL 43038
PHI 31388
POR 47672
RSL 37782
SJE 49726
SEA 48136
SKC 33548
TOR 32970
VAN 51210

Some Fun Numbers:

  • Farthest Travel: Vancouver to Orlando - 2,624 miles one way (5,248 round trip)
  • Shortest Travel: 96 - Philadelphia and New York (excludes teams based in same city)
  • Most 1,000+ One Way Trips: Vancouver (13)
  • Total miles traveled by Eastern Conference Teams: 391,066
  • Total miles traveled by Western Conference Teams: 512,062
  • Difference between conferences: 120,966 or enough miles to do a round trip ticket to Europe.
  • Average distance for entire league: 37,630
  • Average distance by Eastern Conference Team: 32,589
  • Average distance by Western Conference Team: 42,672

Final Thoughts

The Eastern Conference certainly has an advantage when it comes to away travel, though it’s hard to say how much of a difference traveling 1,000 miles versus 2,000 miles really makes. I’m assuming there’s a threshold where the affects negligible after a certain point of miles traveled or hours in the air, but that’s currently unknown.

Either way, we’re looking at teams averaging about 4,700 miles/month in terms of travel during the regular season. Though the salaries are not nearly as high as they are in Europe, you can add “Airline Status” to another added perk of being an MLS player.

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