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Comparing 2019 Season Ticket Prices Across MLS

Who’s got the best deals in the league?

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

**Updated on 1/18 with DC United’s information. No, nobody from DCU’s front office reached out to me. Someone on Twitter, who asked to remain anonymous provided the information. I’m still leaving up DC as annoying since they weren’t the ones to reply.**

Some caveats before jumping in:

  1. All the numbers are in USD. (Sorry Canada.)
  2. All the numbers are based off if you became a season ticket member in 2019. There are several teams that run various tiers for their pricing pending on when you became a member.
  3. The prices are only reflective if you sat in the Supporter’s Section behind the goal. Every team/stadium has their own pricing structure, which makes it almost impossible to compare prices in an apples-to-apples sense. The one constant is the Supporter’s Section, hence that’s the only data point being used here. *Colorado has multiple sections for their Supporter’s, and I chose behind the goal to make things as fair of a comparison as possible.
  4. DC United has not return my inquiries at the time of this writing for pricing. They still haven’t.
  5. r/SCarolinaSoccerNut pointed out that not every season ticket package has the same number of games either. Maybe for next year I’ll include price per game into the equation.
Supporter’s Section Prices

The average season ticket price in the Supporter’s Section is $397. On purely price alone, FC Dallas is still a good deal.

Price from cheapest to most expensive

Alphabetical Order (in table form):

Season Ticket Prices

Club Supporter's Section Prices
Club Supporter's Section Prices
Atlanta $540
Chicago $374
Cincinnati $295
Colorado $299
Columbus $349
FC Dallas $360
DC United $480
Houston $340
LAFC $374
LA Galaxy $399
Minnesota $385
Montreal $347
NE Revolution $381
NYCFC $396
NYRB $456
Orlando $425
Philadelphia $387
Portland $475
Real Salt Lake $280
San Jose Earthquakes $400
Seattle $447
Sporting KC $480
Toronto $497
Vancouver $370
Average $397

Unsurprisingly, those with the highest demands such Atlanta, Toronto and Portland are the most expensive. Of course, this is purely a price comparison and doesn’t factor other benefits you get from being a season ticket member, which varies from club to club. There is also no cost of living index factored in here, so San Jose’s price is relatively cheap compared to how much it would cost to live there.

Just like last year, researching these numbers was far more difficult than it should have been. Clubs should make it stupid easy to know how much it costs, what you’re getting and as simple as possible to take our money. Here are some notable annoyances in getting this piece together.

The Absolute Worst: San Jose Earthquakes

For the second year running, San Jose’s pricing structure is an absolute nightmare to look at it and navigate.


The closely shaded colors and the minuscule graphic of where said seat would be is just horrifying. San Jose should be relegated to the NASL for this.

The Annoying: DC United, Houston Dynamo, NYCFC, NYRB, Vancouver, Sporting Kansas City and LAFC

DC’s site was easy to navigate and it wouldn’t have been a problem had they actually listed a price in the Supporter’s Section. Instead, they removed the price from the site because it was sold out.

So I called several times, no answer. Left messages that were never returned. Sent an email that was never replied to. I was basically ghosted by DCU.

NYCFC, NYRB and Vancouver only listed their prices as monthly. A lot of clubs offer monthly pricing, but also show you what it’ll cost if you paid it all up front in an annual cost. Basically, these guys made me do math.

Houston’s site wasn’t that bad actually. They had way too many colors and different prices, but they used contrasting color schemes so it was easy to find things. The annoying? I actually had to call them to get the price. As a millennial, using the phone to make phone calls is an absolute last resort.

Then LAFC and Sporting Kansas City had me call, leave messages and email them to get the info. I eventually landed on chatting with an SKC sales rep to get the info, which wasn’t terrible but still, a waste of 5 minutes for both parties.

The Dude, Get Over Yourselves: Toronto

Toronto FC’s pricing scheme is by far the most ridiculous to research. The season tickets depend on when you first purchased them. So on one hand, they’ve grandfathered their longest standing fans, on the other hand, get over yourselves and let me see the prices!

It’s basically hush-hush, and I have to find some obscure Canadian message board to find this info. Pretentious much, Canada?

The Almost Got It: Philadelphia Union and Columbus Crew

The Union actually have a pretty good graphic going and decent color scheme. It takes three clicks to get here and you see pricing everywhere in both monthly and annual. My main issue is the sheer volume of colors they have. They could easily cut this in half and make it less noisy.

The Columbus Crew were so promising, if only they didn’t make their damn graphic so large. Once you get into their ticket section, there’s a huge link that says “Pricing”. Perfect. It almost requires way too much detective work to get to this point, so CLB making this easy is a huge win.

This is better and easier to read that the Unions. The price is the biggest font and there aren’t that many colors to choose from.

The problem both graphics were so huge that I couldn’t look at the price and the stadium at the same time. It required me to constantly scroll up and down to match the pricing and figure what color was what and where things were. But, this was definitely one of the easier team ticket sites to navigate through.

The Best: FC Dallas

This may seem like a homer pick, but again, for the second year running finding this information from FCD was by far the easiest.

The graphic is clear, and there are only five different colors to choose from and there’s none of that tiered nonsense you see for San Jose. You sit in this section, you pay this price. My only complaint, if it’s even one, would be you have to leave the website to get this info. But once you get there, you can see why:

The site scrolls with the stadium seating as a static image. When you scroll down to a certain section of the stadium, everything else grays out and the section you’re viewing is highlighted and you get a shot of what it would be like to sit in that area.