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The Haunting Shadow of Mauro Diaz

Can FC Dallas ever escape it?

MLS: Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Mauro Diaz. The Argentinian’s departure from Frisco left a wake of destruction from which the club is still attempting to recover. The diminutive dynamo danced his way through defenders and sliced through opponents like a hot knife through butter. A proto-number 10, Mauro stood tall in Texas, causing defenders to shake in their boots whenever he had the ball at his feet. His eyes always up, poking and prodding waiting for the opening he needed to deliver the killing blow. Often times entire games revolved around the midfield maestro’s magnificence, as he would ignite the fire that FC Dallas needed to lay waste to their opponents.

The gaping hole at attacking mid had many suiters in red, blue and white jerseys but none could find their way out of the hulking shadow that was the Colossus from Concepcion. Since his sale to the UAE, the team has looked for the inspirational leader and charismatic conqueror to lead the cohort into battle. The tiny shoes have proven difficult to fill, and his superior body language has not been challenged since that fateful day in July of 2018.

MLS: Concacaf Champions League-Tauro FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mauro’s glorious play has continued as he has made waves in the Arabian Gulf League. His team currently sits in fourth place. Diaz is responsible for nearly 20% of all of his team’s goals, and that is just with basic statistics. His true impact goes beyond the numbers with his positioning, fluidity of movement, and the grace with which he picks apart opponents. With his preternatural ability to dictate rhythm, Mauro has truly graced the Persian Gulf with his mastery of movement and the mysterious methods he uses to manipulate the ball, sticking to his feet as if glued in place.

FC Dallas has turned over a new leaf and has high hopes for the coming season. Finding someone to fill the role that Mauro once held is crucial, but replacing a legend is nearly impossible. Years from now parents will tell tales of the Colossus from Concepcion and how his horrific injury brought the demise of the treble season that the team may not see for quite some time.