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East Stand View: Beer Throwing Is Illegal

Looks like the FO had a pretty close eye on the visiting crowd.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There was a very nice turn out for the only visit to Frisco that Houston will be making this year. Houston Dynamo support for the match was also unfortunately large, although sometime in the second half it looks like a number of them were escorted out. There was another game right after the match, one that I was extremely excited about and really wish they did more of. It was actually not that hot of a day, and the large crowd filtering into the stadium was evidence of it. Some filtered out before the end though, and a few of those people didn’t do it willingly.....

Bad Boys in Orange

The visiting orange guys on the field weren’t the only ones being bad on Saturday. Around 40 minutes till full time, Manotas gratefully received the ball from a good pass from Dominque Badji and absolutely rifled it into the goal past Jesse Gonzalez. It was an absolutely stunning goal, and the visiting section seemed to agree emphatically as they went absolutely ballistic. Unfortunately, the Houstonians were a little too emphatic in their celebrations, so emphatic in fact that they broke some of those stadium rules they seem to have contempt for.

While I do miss the beer showers of old, and some stadiums still allow them, Toyota Stadium is a stadium that has banned beer showers. Security appeared a little later and by the end of it all a good number of Houston Dynamo fans did not reappear. I did have some sympathy for any of those fans that made the trek from Houston just to be kicked out a little more than halfway through the game. I also feel bad because now they have to go back to living in Houston...Boom roasted. I did like that some of the visiting fans stayed for the 2nd match....

Special Olympics Game

If you’ve read my past articles covering games that have SO games afterwards, you know I’m a huge supporter of these matches. Seeing the guys and gals get hyped up before the match and seeing how much it means to them to play in front of a crowd. It’s difficult to put into words the wonderful spectacle that you witness. Smiles all around, commitment, heart, all poured out on the field from both teams. These matches are one of my favorite things about FC Dallas, and I’m hoping they’ll be doing more of these in the future with increased frequency.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: I don’t have a quote this time actually, but EL CAPITAN IS BACK BABY!!!

What were your overall thoughts on the match Saturday night? Did you stay for the Special Olympics match afterwards? Did you get rained on by any beer? Let me know in the comments below!