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East Stand View: Great Win, Eh?

Two set piece goals, who would’ve thought it?

MLS: FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It was an incredibly rainy weekend in Dallas this past weekend and it finally let up a little on Sunday. Although, downtown got a little drizzle late in the day. FC Dallas was out of the country in Vancouver for this game where I can only assume it was extremely cold. TXA 21 was mercifully given broadcasting rights for this one, which have possibly the least biased commentating in the league. Another act of mercy was that we actually scored on set pieces, which means we actually practice those!

Exciting Game

If you missed this one, you missed a really fun game to watch. Don’t tell me you were too busy watching the Cowboys lose to that other Cascadia team instead of watching this game. Despite the fact that Tesho Akindele saw the field, we played fairly well away. Thankfully, we managed to keep Bayern Munich’s on-loan Alphonso Davies, to just an assist and prevented him from doing more damage. The Urruti-Barrios-Hedges set piece had all three of them smiling when it worked out! Seriously though, shouldn’t Vancouver have had the near post guy covered?

Also, I doubt the FC Dallas fans that went to the game ever read my stuff, but shout out to them for making it out to the game! I can only imagine they had a fantastic time watching FCD grab a win. Really wish I could make it out to BC Place at some point.

Our Commentators Are Fair

I’ve listened to broadcast teams from that announce Sporting Kansas City games, LA Galaxy games, New England Revolution games, you name it. Have I found a broadcast team more impartial and informative than the guys on TXA 21? No way. Really hoping FC Dallas fans fully appreciate that we have a couple of guys that don’t exaggerate every opposition’s foul while complaining about calls that go against our boys in red. They also talk up players from both teams instead of just going full homerism throughout the game like the LA Galaxy guys. Enjoy this season, and its’ commentators, while you can FC Dallas fans.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “does Pareja have a Twitter account? I’m about to blow it up.” from /u/beapeacock after the Tesho substitution.

Did you get a chance to watch the game this game from your home, or possibly in Vancouver live? Do you think our commentators are more impartial than others around the league? What would you say to Pareja about Tesho? Let me know in the comments below!