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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from the Derby clinching win.

FC Dallas picked up a big 4-2 win over their top rivals Houston on Saturday night to clinch the Texas Derby for the first time since 2015.

Head Coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on the match…

I thought that it was one of the games that I enjoyed the most during the season. Not just for the importance of the Derby and the importance of the 3 points at this stage of the season. Today with those three points and this victory, we deserve it. It just magnifies what the boys have done during the season. They have kept this team in first place in the West and that’s not easy. Many people are waiting for us just to fail because they want to go to the facts and say we cannot sustain it. We may say that it will take time do it but we’re fighting. The love that the boys show for this club and the passion that they have, it has shown today in the Derby. That’s why today I’m very excited for these boys.

On the defense…

I saw more initiative to put pressure higher and more energy. I see the energy being used better and I see more cohesiveness between the lines. We were more aggressive on that side and up front we have options. But the reaction of Houston, it concerned us during the game. It’s normal when you concede four goals just three days ago and when they scored that one goal and the second one, we started getting worried as a team. I felt that the pressure, the pressure. But they competed.

On Santiago Mosquera’s performance the past two matches…

It has been challenging for him in the league, understanding the rhythm and using all that ability that he has. Sometimes with Santi, he has all these [abilities] to provide to the team and within the game and we’re trying to capture that so he can use it well. But then the injuries, obviously just break his consistency in the field. It’s not easy. But I’m delighted to see him tonight with such energy and working hard for his teammates. Being such a presence on the scoreboard is going to contribute a lot for him. I’m happy because he’s making a big effort on adapting to this league, to the city, to the group and today the game rewarded him.

FC Dallas midfielder Victor Ulloa

Thoughts on winning El Capitán after two seasons...

Obviously so happy for that, we knew what was at stake. I think we’ve been very competitive with them the past 6/7 games and glad to get the victory here at home after a defeat in San Jose. We needed to bounce back in our many ways and stay on top of the Western Conference so very happy for the performance here tonight.

Thoughts on the defense bouncing back after the loss in San Jose...

I think in San Jose we lost concentration on key moments. We could say we were unlucky but at the same time it was defensive errors and we didn’t want to commit those tonight. It was important for us to try and maintain the zero and even though we allowed two goals, we’re not happy about that, but happy for the victory overall and happy to get a little break here so that we can forget a little bit about soccer and relax.

FC Dallas midfielder Santiago Mosquera

Thoughts on scoring two goals and getting more playing time after an injury...

I came back from an injury and God is big and I’m here new as new. The important thing is that the team got an important victory, so that we can keep fighting on top which is where we want to be.