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East Stand View: Austin vs Columbus

There wasn’t a big ATX vs Columbus brawl.

MLS: Columbus Crew at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Things were fairly peaceful at Toyota Stadium after the talk of the Austin supporters not wanting to flare up anything in Frisco. What did flare up was the humidity, it wasn’t really the heat, with the sun really hitting the stands, but more the moisture. What did not flare up was the FC Dallas offense, or the team in general other than Mikey Barrios. First though there were a number of #SavetheCrew people around the stadium, and they may or may not have started some of the chants heard around the stadium....

Austin vs Columbus

Whenever Columbus visits Texas, the inevitable social media firestorm about the Columbus Crew potentially moving to be the third Texas team in the league always comes in like a torrent. FC Dallas fans are sorta split about it when it comes to the idea of Austin coming into the MLS at the expense of Columbus. On the one hand, it’s another Texas team, and personally, a road trip to Austin would be a much more fun time than a road trip to Houston is. 6th street after an FC Dallas win in Austin? Yes. Please. On the other hand, Columbus was OG MLS, and it would be sad to see them stripped of their franchise. Hoping the divorce goes better than anticipated.

The crowd that showed up to the game wasn’t too massive, but there were indeed a good number of Columbus Crew fans around the stadium that were repping their #SavetheCrew gear and starting some anti-Austin chants around the stadium. It wasn’t either team’s night however, as Columbus wasted their gilded opportunities and Barrios couldn’t carry us on his shoulders all on his own.

Unfun Game

Honestly, this is the hardest game to write about. Didn’t try any food items this time around, although waiting in line for a buffalo chicken mac and cheese bowl might’ve been slightly more exciting than the game being played on the field. Our guys didn’t show the usual heart, and you would think after a week off against one of the top teams in the league they would come in with intensity, fresher legs and some fire in their bellies. Nah, Barrios seemed fired up but the others on the team weren’t up to the task. Solid defensive work, but that’s the only compliment they’ll get.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Heck Austin and heck Precourt.” There are children in Toyota Stadium, good censoring there fellow.

Are you #SavetheCrew or on team Austin? Would you make the trip to Austin anytime FC Dallas goes to pay them a visit? Did you get a chance to talk to any Crew fans about their situation? Let me know in the comments below!