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FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from a rather dull match.

FC Dallas picked up another shutout on the season on Saturday night but couldn’t get the full three points as they drew the Columbus Crew SC 0-0.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on tonight’s match…Tough game against a good rival. In the first half, they created a lot of problems for us. Especially in the right side where they started exposing us in the space used by [Harrison] Afful and the midfielder at times was [Federico] Higuaín or [Pedro] Santos or even Artur. They started to outnumber us. In the first half especially, when we had the ball we didn’t have probably the energy we had in the second half and that made me think the second half was much better. When we had sequences and we put the ball on the ground and we started thinking and creating and they were getting tired, we would create some sequences that would provide us a couple of options that could add balance to the game. But overall, two good teams playing soccer today at times probably respecting each other too much, but at the same times trying to see if we could take advantage of any mistake.

On the tactical shift… We wanted to have more control in the middle. That way we either gave them the ball and wait for a mistake so we could counter, or we can have the initiative to have the ball. And then we wanted to clog the middle more and have someone in that position between the two center backs who can have personality to ask for the ball and make a play from that zone. At times it worked well, and we found some chemistry there and without being very vertical or a team that created many chances, so we had more control of the game, and I liked that.

On Matt Hedges substitution: It took us by surprise. In the last minute of the break we received the news that Matt wasn’t feeling very good with a hit that he took in the first half. We’re waiting for the medical report and hopefully it’s not serious. But as you know, we try to protect the platers as much as we can. Maynor [Figueroa] did a great job of coming and we put Reto [Ziegler] on the right and we have played with that a couple times—and they did pretty well. Maynor gave us the opportinuty to find Mikey [Barrios] on the right with the cross ball that he likes. We have two sequences coming from there. Defensively, the experience was good. I saw more and more balance—it was okay, and I don’t think we suffered much.

On upcoming games…My answer is always about the future of the games. Tomorrow is working towards the next game. The preparation is trying to get the team synchronized for the next game that is coming. You have a plan and we have a couple games away but at this stage of the league we know that we need to grind, and we have to go get points away now.

FC Dallas midfielder Michael Barrios

On what was missing in tonight’s match…I think we needed calmness, if we look back at what happened today, our emotions were all over the place unlike past games. The other team stood well and were organized and had players that would complicate the game for us.

On his century milestone…Happy, it’s a personal accomplishment for me and my career. It’s something that I’ve been working on and not only me, but also the whole team, our equipment team and director and we hope to keep raising our game and giving our club happiness.

On getting the shutout…Yeah maintaining the 0 is always going to be important and we worked hard for that so that they wouldn’t score against us. Sadly, we as a team we couldn’t complete that other goal that would have given us the other point but we leave calmly knowing that the team did a good job in all our lines and now we just have to see the errors we made and what else was needed so that we can correct that for the next game and get the other points.”

FC Dallas defender Marquinhos Pedroso

General thoughts on the game…I think our first half was not so good. It was tough for us in the middle, they are playing in a way where some players are free all the time. But in the second half we stopped them right until the end. Unfortunately, we couldn’t score but we didn’t concede goals at home and that’s good too because I think the last game against Houston we took two goals. So it’s a good thing, but of course it’s better to win. But if you can’t win, a draw it’s better to draw.

We maybe suffered sometimes in the first, but we can talk about this in the second half, that’s why I think we got better in the game. This happens sometimes, you’re not prepared for something about the other team and they play higher or deeper but you never know. Of course we train and saw the videos but sometimes things change. We tried to play better in the second half and unfortunately, we couldn’t score but the fight was good and that’s what we need every time.

FC Dallas forward Dominique Badji

General thoughts on the game…The first half was slow obviously. Came in with another game plan in the second half and executed it. A lot of our chances came from counters. Speaking for himself just to be more sharp in the box, there were a few balls that were loose that we could’ve gotten on to, but that’s the way the game goes sometimes. Another day those are going in but today just it didn’t.

On Barrios creating chances…He’s always a threat with his speed. He’s definitely one of the weapons that we want to look to use. I favor him against anybody and he did well today.

On the fouls during the game:We’re used to it. None of these games are easy and it does get chippy and there are fouls in there but you have to stay composed because they want to throw you off, but you have to be the bigger person. We always want to get three points but definitely after not getting what we wanted this week we’re going to be a lot more motivated to get the three points next week.”