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East Stand View: Peak MLS for Newbies

Couple of new fans witness MLS at it’s apex.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Decided to tag along this time with two friends that had never been to an FC Dallas game before. Gave them an earful of information about things they either asked about or didn’t ask about regarding FC Dallas and Frisco both being new to them. One of the useless bits of information I gave them was that our opponent for the evening was (and still is) in last place in our conference. They then asked what place FCD was in, to which I replied that we were in first place in the Western Conference. Their reply was: “Oh, and we’re at home so this should be an easy win.”

“Maybe”, I replied.

Beautiful Day, Long Lines

The weather was not as hot on Saturday as it had been. The air in the days leading up to the game didn’t seem like it was on fire anymore. Seeing as I was with two first timers to the stadium, I decided that getting to the game late was not a good option. Also, believing that San Jose isn’t normally a team that draws large amounts of fans, I figured we’d have an easy time parking and getting to the stadium.

Both those assumptions were incredibly wrong. Could not have been more wrong. Unbeknownst to me, the northeast parking lot was closed off for paid parking only. This meant the (free) west parking lot filled up 30 minutes before game time. Everyone that had already entered the west parking lot figured it out too late, including me, and seeing as there are not many exits in that parking lot traffic jams began to form. Finally arrived at one of the remote north parking spots, we were walking through the empty northeast as the national anthem was playing. “Almost I thought”, as relief started to wash over me. The relief turned into dread as we rounded the corner and gazed up the jaw dropping amounts of people still in line trying to get in. Just as we saw the long lines, the fireworks to signal the start of the game went off.

It Just Gets Worse.

As if being late was the worst part. Then once we got inside, San Jose scores their first goal. Add to that, the Shock Top keg ran out at the northeast beer stand, although the replacement beer was pretty darn decent. The second half then rolled around to wrap up the day with the San Jose Earthquakes running wild on our guys out there. A good chunk of the fans got up to leave immediately after the third goal from the visitors. The last place team just beat our best-in-the-conference team in our own stadium. Classic MLS. Good news is that after their second goal, I finally got a cup of Shock Top to help ease the pain.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Number 7, with the terrible hair, that’s Carlos Gruezo. If you see him murder someone on the field don’t worry, that’s just part of his game.”

Did your plans get derailed by the parking and long lines as well? How early do you normally get to the games? What is y’all’s favorite beer selection around the stadium? Let me know in the comments below!