Hall of Fame Seating Opening: A Rough Start

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to share some brief observations on the opening of the Hall of Fame seating section during this week's game against the San Jose Earthquakes. As a season ticket holder, I was offered the chance to upgrade my seats to that section at $25 a pop. Included in the charge were: a souvenir ticket, a special "scarf", free food and drink, access to the Hall of Fame club level, pre-game drinks specials, annnnnd stuff.

I'd say overall it was hit-or-miss, here are some thoughts:

The Good

  • The seat location is pretty solid. You feel very close to the action, even when several rows up (I was in row 8).
  • The drink specials were pretty good. $5 for margaritas, $2 for tiny 8 oz beers. Not too shabby.
  • The souvenir tickets were fine. Just a thick, clear plastic ticket. Kind of like a giant press pass.
  • The finish out of the Hall of Fame club looks nice. It's nothing crazy, but a solid vibe. There are convenient places to stand and enjoy a beverage, though I would like them to install more of the standing areas against the rails with views of the field. Those seemed to fill up fast.

The Bad (aside from the on-field performance)

  • What's the difference between a sweater and a long sleeve dry fit shirt? Fabric. What's the difference between a real soccer scarf and the junk that FCD calls a "scarf" for promotional purposes? Fabric. The "scarf" included in this package was the typical nylon freebie crap you typically see covered with Aldi logos. It's the Hall of FAME! Why cheap out on these scarves?
  • The Hall of Fame club is SMALL. The section wasn't even full, and the place was packed to the brim. The lines for drinks were really long, even though it seemed like they were fully staffed. I hope they work things out there because they are charging a pretty high premium for folks to sit there.
  • While folks in other sections may be jealous of the shade sail that hovers above, fear not, the 7:00 PM sun still blasts the Hall of Fame section. If they started the game at 8:00, the sun would have been no issue. Hopefully, they can make that happen more often next season.
  • There was supposedly Chick Fil A food there for free, I saw people with Chick Fil A food, but the lines were so long I gave up. I'm not waiting 30+ minutes for a lukewarm chicken sandwich.
  • My last gripe is about communication. After securing my seats, I didn't hear a peep from FCD until around 6:00 PM the night before the game. And they dropped the news that Briana Scurry and two of the USWNT World Cup trophies would be on hand at the game. What are you doing FCD!? That's a huge selling point! It costs very, very little to send out emails. Why not use them earlier in the week to drum up excitement?
I am hoping that the Hall of Fame is a huge success and that FC Dallas is able to leverage it to help pack the stadium. The launch was not incredibly well coordinated, but there's plenty of time to turn it around.

Did anyone else take the plunge and upgrade to the HoF for this game? I'm curious to hear others' thoughts.

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