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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ loss to San Jose.

FC Dallas fell at home for the first time in a year as they dropped three points to the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday night.

FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on the match…

As we planned out this week, having this beautiful night with the [new part of the] stadium, we had an ambition to have three points that many of us probably thought that they were going to be easy—but there is not an easy game in Major League Soccer and today the game just taught us a big lesson. Today we did not play well and I have to recognize that.

They [San Jose] played better the whole night. There were some moments in the first half, the reaction after the first goal and some sequences—not many—we created a lot of chances. We didn’t have the mentality in front of goal. The overall performance, we know that it was not a good night and we’re responsible for that.

On the team’s goals…

We need to balance ourselves. This is a team that is aiming to be first in the playoffs—but we’re not there yet. But that’s our next objective that we’re fighting for. Second, other than playoffs, we want to fight for the Supporter’s Shield. Once we accomplish those goals, then we can dream about winning the MLS Cup.

When we won in Kansas, we were not the best team in the league. We lost against San Jose tonight, we’re not the worst. This team is my team—this is the group that I back 100 percent. These are the boys I work with daily. I’m going to present the group with that enthusiasm every day. We’ll keep battling. We’ll keep battling. It’s not easy.

It’s a bitter day for sure. We worked to get three points today and be at 45 points. We’re at home and everybody says that these points would be easy, but there is no such thing as easy in this league. If you want to think that we’re up and down, well that’s the league. Thirty-four games is a long journey. But today, our players showed one more time that they fought and tried hard. Things didn’t come up our way. Congratulations to San Jose—they played very, very well.

On Reggie Cannon…

Today was a great game for him but it was clear that he needed to be refreshed. He’s having such a great season. His hamstring is bothering him. We’ll take care of him but it’s nothing serious.

FC Dallas defender Reto Ziegler

General thoughts on the match…

This is the first game we lost at home and if we want to be a big team, we need to win every game. That is not easy but we are capable of much better than what we showed tonight. We had problems getting into the game. We were reacting and not acting. We have to analyze the game and rest and then look forward.

What about San Jose made them so difficult to break down?

I don’t think San Jose was better than a lot of teams we have played, we were just not at the level we usually play. They have good weapons. They were waiting and playing the counter. Even if it was not our best game, we still had chances to score. I don’t think we deserved to win but a draw was possible tonight.

On looking forward to next week versus Seattle…

I’m sure we’re going to bounce back. I don’t want to say that it is good we lost but sometimes… You have to understand that we need to work more. We won in Kansas and maybe in our head we thought we were better than we actually are. Everybody needs to work again and I’m sure we’ll bounce back. We have the personality and the quality to bounce back. Next game is away, on turf, it’s not easy but we played on turf two times already this year. Minnesota and New England so... It’s another type of game but I am sure we can do it.

FC Dallas defender Marquinhos Pedroso

On playing in his first home game…

It wasn’t our best game. The first half we tried to find some space, but the team was a little bit late, trying to mark guys. The second half, we had a lot of chances and clear chances, like five or six clear and five or six maybe not so good, but we could have scored. They just had three shots on goal and they scored. Fútbol is like that, if you don’t score, you can give up one chance and you see the result after the game.

Assessment of performance…

It was very different from the last game, here at home we can play more. Of course, it’s my second game so I am feeling better than the first game. For me, it was a very good game. I think I had like eight crosses and every cross went in the middle of the box, we had the chances after the crosses, so I’m happy with my performance, but I’m sad because if we won this game, we would have 45 points.

FC Dallas midfielder Michael Barrios

Thoughts on tonight’s match…

It was a complicated game. We knew the team at the bottom of the conference was going to come and shake things up. San Jose was a prepared rival. They played well. They were able to finish their chances… But we have to continue to work, fix the mistakes we made today and continue to win games to keep our spot at the top of the conference.

Thoughts on being the sixth player in franchise history to join the 20 goals and 20 assists club…

I’m very happy. I’m doing the work Oscar expects from me, what the club expects from me and what my teammates expect from me. I hope to continue working hard to score more goals and add more assists, which is important for me.