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East Stand View: UniMas Again

Thursday night futbol was being broadcasted on UniMas.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday night futbol was here again, with UniMas getting the airtime in the household this time. With our cable finally fixed, decided to stay home and watch on TV instead of the Twitter stream. It looked like most Houston Dynamo fans also decided to watch it on the TV/Twitter because their stadium was about as empty as Toyota Stadium on a weekday night. This game mainly set the stage for this Saturday in Frisco, where it’ll decide the coveted Texan trophy El Capitan. Though let’s talk about the commentators speaking in Español for a second...

Spanish Commentators

There’s always a good amount of complaining about the English speaking commentators from UniMas, and most of the complaints are definitely warranted. Unfortunately for many, that’s their only option as not everyone is bilingual and also not everyone paid much attention to the four years of Spanish they likely took through high school and/or college. With those things in mind, the Spanish speaking commentators that they get for MLS matches are usually fairly entertaining to listen to, with the guys on the call Thursday night no exception.

Their commentary was comical and their perspective is unique compared to the English speaking commentators from other channels. You tend to learn player’s middle names fairly quickly, and also get some tongue-in-cheek pronunciation attempts of English words like “water/hydration break”. At one point they were trying to name off all the ‘classicos’ that MLS has manufactured between teams, and subsequently had disagreements among some of those named. They also complimented how good the SAP commentators looked in their advertised picture and wondered why they themselves didn’t have a lovely picture of their own for the viewers. It’s not commentary worth going through Rosetta Stone for, but if you are bilingual the difference is incredibly stark between the commentators.

Set Up For A Showdown

The ending to the game may have been disappointing, but with yet another draw against Houston it sets up this Saturday in Frisco as a showdown for El Capitan. The third game will be the deciding game for the treasured cannon. This epic showdown likely wouldn’t have been as decisive had Colman, Ryan and Tesho not forgotten how to finish chances. Then there was Maynor not stepping up to Peña as quickly and Jimmy getting beat near post from outside the box. Forget about all that, because this Saturday is gonna be a hoot and a holler.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Tesho has the touch of a teenage boy on prom night.” -/u/sir_whirly

If you listen to the Spanish commentary, what’re your thoughts on their commentary crew? Are you going to be there for the ending of the trilogy that is the FC Dallas v Houston season series? Should Tesho be released tomorrow morning? Let me know in the comments below!