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East Stand View: Wet Seats

Mother nature came rolling through to delay this one.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There was about a 2 hour and 40 minute lightning delay for the FC Dallas game against Minnesota United on Saturday night. If you forgot your poncho/rain coat before you made the long trek out to Frisco then you were about to have some very wet clothes depending on where you sat and took cover. All the familiar sounds of a rain delay were there: the pitter-patter of rain, intermittent thunder, the stadium playing rain/thunder/lightning themed songs, and El Matador and DBG chanting in the Beer Garden?

Wet Seats

Didn’t expect the ferocity of the monsoon that descended onto the stadium. The players began warm ups in the rain but were taken into the locker rooms. Then once the thunder and lightning hit, it was time to start the timer for 30 minutes as the policy is a 30 minute wait after the latest lightning strike. Everyone that asked if the game was to be delayed were quickly told about the Toronto game delayed way back when that lasted much longer. The water was coming down in awe-inspiring amounts, that amount where you could see what look to be sheets of water coming down all at once.

The east side was completely exposed to the elements as per normal, whereas the west, south and Beer Garden had some sort of cover one way or another. Although, you could claim the bathrooms are cover for the east side of the stadium. The west side had their inside bar area along with underneath the terraces for cover. The new National Soccer Hall of Fame section had cover over it that shielded people for those that sat on the south side, I didn’t get too wet waiting over there while watching it all come down. Then the Beer Garden looked like they had cover as there was a large crowd in the garden throughout the rain. A large crowd that seemed to go nonstop throughout the course of the delay...

DBG & El Matador Party

The rule is, you can only go to the Beer Garden section if you have a ticket that says “Beer Garden”. This rule also applies, even during a two and a half hour rain delay. Which is a shame that I chose the wet east side seats instead of the BG this time as it sounded like there was a full blown party happening. Even with the music over the speakers, the thunder clapping, and the rain pouring you could hear the cheering and chanting coming from the other side of the stadium. El Matador even got out as a section and continued chanting, dancing and cheering in what I could only imagine was a very soaked, but fun, time.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Sometimes VAR is our friend....sometimes...”

How did you spend the time during the weather delay? Were you partying in the Beer Garden or meeting Christie Rampone in the Hall of Fame? Was this your first rain delayed FCD game? Let me know in the comments below!