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FC Dallas updates how season ticket holders can resell tickets

The resale marketplace is getting a bit of a change.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

An email has been sent out to season ticket members that features some big changes in the resale marketplace. Before, on Flash Seats, you were able to sell tickets and the only take out from your bottom line was tax. Now, you will be seeing a 12% deduction on the proceeds you receive from selling your tickets. So if you were accustomed to selling your tickets for $20 when you were unable to make the game, you will now be seeing a $2.40 selling fee deducted from any possible monies received for the sale.

The news is not all bad however! You’re now able to resell tickets on StubHub and there looks to be a way to price them below the “floor price” that was set with Flash Seats. With StubHub, resellers will be able to access a much wider audience as the average Joe, or first time fans who randomly want to go to an FC Dallas game will likely not have the Flash Seats app or a Flash Seats account. Then there’s the pricing floor removal that might be seen as a boon for those that were wondering why there were always so many $20 tickets listed on Flash Seats with none with a lower price even at kickoff time. We might start to see lower than $20 priced tickets again, and with the attendance like it is, that may help in the ‘butts in seats’ department. Whether or not these actions have a positive effect, only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the new resale marketplace changes? How will the changes be affecting you personally? Do you see this as a positive move by the FC Dallas front office, or another step back in the club’s efforts to bring people into the stadium? Let me know in the comments below!