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Quick Burns: Does FC Dallas need to make any more roster moves this summer?

There have been a lot of moves this summer but are there any left?

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The summer transfer window has been an active one for FC Dallas. Fernando Clavijo and company have been busy at work adding more defensive depth, replacing Mauro Diaz and adding more Homegrown talent.

But are there any other moves that need to happen? Our staff dives into some items they’d like to see happen.

Drew Epperley - Why not another winger?

After signing Moises Hernandez this past week, the one remaining thing on my mind may be just adding some more depth on the wings. And really the one way of doing that may just be to finally deploy their two rookies Francis Atauhene and Ema Twumasi.

Jeff Loftin - Center Back & Winger

Our starting eleven is plenty fine, but we could use depth in both spots. I am worried about injury and we do not have the depth to sustain any other injuries. Hedges and Ziegler have been fantastic but I do worry if one or the other of them is out for an longer period of time. Adding depth pieces across the front 3 and at the back, specifically in the middle is what I would anticipate the franchise doing. That being said, there are also surely other opportunities and if a player that has been coveted for a while becomes available I would not be shocked to see us grab a center midfielder or striker. I would also not be surprised if we sold another player before the window closes. Time will tell, but the team seems to be in a good spot, though the top is a precarious position so adding depth at the back and on the wings would be beneficial.

Nathan Hill - Play them kids.

If there is room for another Clavijo special type attacking piece, I don’t mind it, but I’d like to see Paxton, Jesus, and others get more minutes and trust down the stretch. In Paxton’s sub appearance against Sporting Kansas City and before that against Chicago, he’s looked hungry and ready. Jesus Ferreira was unlucky not to get a goal against Chicago. The kids are ready enough, so let’s commit minutes to them the rest of the season. I know it’s a risk, but barring Justin Meram, is there a player that FCD could expect to provide an immediate impact within this league?

Jason Poon - No More

I had the luxury of writing this after the Moises signing. I would’ve said CB, but now that that’s taken care of, I don’t see a particular need anywhere else. There’s a nice variety of veterans, youth and Homegrowns across just about every position. I’m good with sitting tight and seeing how this roster works together.

Ben Lyon - David Ferreira

This is a round about way to say we’re all good with depth at every position and a puncher’s chance at trophies. That said, how cool would it be if David could deliver a killer pass to Chuy towards the end of the year? Make it happen, Dan.