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East Stand View: Back to Earth

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Squad rotation time took its’ toll.

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

TXA 21 was the channel on the television to watch Saturday night’s game, and Salt Lake City was the location of the latest episode of the FC Dallas 2018 season. Mark Followill was in New York City to commentate on the national game, which required some rotation from our announcers, but our back up announcers were sufficiently adequate even if they do say some player names weirdly. Speaking of rotations, Oscar Pareja felt the need to rotate the players for this game which resulted in some young guys finding their way into the starting line up. Unfortunately, the rotation didn’t seem to work out in this particular game...

Tesho and Barrios

I was just listing my least two favorite professional soccer players that were wearing an FC Dallas uniform in Utah on Saturday night. In that order. Wednesday night ‘super-sub’ Tesho Akindele was absolutely amazing, he made the runs, was both clinical and scrappy when he needed to be and helped his team out in a big way. Saturday night starter Tesho was astronomically disappointing and not at all what we were hoping for when we saw his name in the starting line up. Although, I will say that Papi played Tesho in the position that I think fits him best. Just need Tesho to show he belongs up top.

Michael Barrios started both Wednesday’s come from behind win, and also Saturday’s failed come back bid. He was pretty unimpressive in both, with running still being the only thing he remembers how to do out on the playing field. Thankfully we haven’t had to rely on him for getting to the top of the Western Conference, but with Mauro Diaz in the Middle East we can start to use his old production on the field sooner rather than later. Here’s to hoping he can unlock the form that he used to break into the starting line up, and break into our hearts...

Play the Kids?

Seeing Ema Twumasi and Kris Reaves get good amounts of minutes this match was awesome to see. I liked Twumasi in the first half and kind of wish he would’ve stayed on a little into the 2nd half with a Maxi Urruti and Santiago Mosquera helping him out in the attack. In other words, I want to see Twumasi not play with three defensive minded midfielders. We can’t all get what we want, however, and we definitely didn’t get any points this weekend like we wanted.

And finally, our fan quote of the night: “Any reliance on Barrios to win us a game is reliance on winning at roulette. You’ll win sometimes but there’s a reason the house cleans up.” Well said Jeff. Well said.

What did you think about the kids getting out there and running around against Real Salt Lake? Were your two least favorite FC Dallas players the same as mine? Should the ones I mentioned get some bench time after this, or should Papi give them another shot next game? Let me know in the comments below!